Vanessa Lachey posts her nude baby bump picture

Vanessa Lachey is pregnant and she is due sometime very soon. She is super excited and would love to flaunt her swollen baby bump. She is not the one who stays at home and hides herself when pregnant instead she comes out and proudly flaunts off her baby bump. She keeps her followers up to date with her status of pregnancy all the time.

Vanessa is very near to deliver the baby. On Twitter, she today posted her picture in nude belly bump. In the picture, her hubby Nick Lachey strokes her nude baby bump and she is smiling. In the picture, Vanessa, 31, is wearing a revealing bandeau top plus white skirt. Her hubby Nick, 38, very tenderly strokes the bump.

She writes on twitter, My Happiness…May Family…My Boys (her twins who are yet to come into the world). The reports have it that Vanessa is due in early September. Her hubby dear too is very much excited with the twin boys. She was worried for her belly button initially which turned much swollen and it was looking like a third nipple but now she is calm as she knows it will come up in shape post the delivery.

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