Victoria Pendleton – a fashionista sportswoman in Olympics

Victoria Pendleton is the sportswoman who has been quite well in news due to her fashion sense and the fashion things she does while she enacts her sporting activities. She is Team GB’s track cycling star and today she is all geared up to race for gold medal at the giant Olympics Games 2012 in London.

On the track, she happens to be the most dyed-in-the-wool sports lady but this does not stop her at all from being much glam damsel when she races for the win. On her fashion statement, the babe says that she likes having painted nails by the time she rides. She works on the saying – look good, go good, feel good and she aptly works on it even in her professional life as well. This all makes her super confident when she is on track.

One of Pendleton’s biggest challenges is taming the tightly curled tresses since her locks get affected when she goes out for trainings wearing the helmet. This way her hair gets affected hugely by humidity and heat. Thus she always needs haircare a lot to fight the friz.

She adds that her tresses need moisture a lot to keep them smoother and glossy.

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