Who’s the best U.S. socialite – Paris Hilton or Kim Kardashian

Who is the best socialite of the U.S. in terms of fame, sex appeal, sexy-curvy body and notoriety between the two classy gals – Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian? Both of these babes are who the U.S. nation and even the entire globe is crazy after. Their oomph factor and the endless amount of sexy body structures always grab the attention of the viewers. They are paparrazi’s hot favorite women. The juicy tidbits and the spicy gossips are always taken from the behind the curtain of their private lives.

Both are notorious for changing boyfriends frequently. Kim and Paris both always go naked for photo shoots. Their sextapes have made their much popular. Both now enjoy big stardom and launched their cosmetic brands.

Kim is laced with the killer curves, super big assets, curvy-voluptuous physique and the much notorious bigger d-shaped derriere. Paris possesses the svelte curvy body with tiny waist and full of sex appeal persona. Both are hungry for fame and camera lights. And to get it, they keep on doing weird things. But Paris is more notorious for committing crimes for getting limelight.

Well, the best socialite in our opinion is Kim Kardashian. What you guys say?

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