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Rita Ora’s party make up for Christmas – Follow the Tips

Rita Ora lands on the news and headlines all the time. Well, this babe entices the souls the most always with her stunning looks and various avatars. On the red carpets, this girl loves to hit with new look. She keeps on conferring her fans with various styles to adopt and the crazy fan following would love to dolling them up.

Well, she is once again ready with her Christmas look. Rita Ora’s new look, which is MOBO’s look, is for Christmas festival. The party season is ON and Rita’s look is being loved to use on the bashes being held for the celebration of Christmas season.

Currently it is the time for strong eyes and lips. And every girl is following it up. Those, who do not know the trend at all, can learn the tips.

Do keep applying the black liquid liner flick along your upper lash.

Then apply the gold liner along your lower lash.

On your cheekbones and the bridge of your nose, sweep the highlighter prior to popping the cheeks with a pink blush.

Then go for lining the lips prior to finishing with a dark gloss.

Quality Skincare Doesn’t Necessarily Equate To Expensive Skincare Products

My Skin Care Secret
The running joke in this author’s family is her personal beauty secret. Don’t wash your face; that’s the secret. You can almost feel the family cringe, as though it’s the most disgusting thing they ever heard! Frankly, the less you put on your face, the better off you will be. Water in itself is a very drying agent, particularly if you live in an area where the water is very hard. Of course, avoiding water is not an option for most women and does supply some moisture. We all have different skin types and come from varied genealogical backgrounds, obviously making skincare needs unique to each individual.

Maintaining moisture is the single most important factor in keeping your skin healthy and youthful looking. Therefore your moisturizer will be your key beauty product. Also, it is important not to delay your moisturizing routine. If you begin moisturizing in your 20’s, by the time you are in your 60’s, you may very well look like you are in your 40’s. Now we are queried with the 64 thousand dollar question. What do you use to moisturize your face? There are nearly as many moisturizers on the market as there are women purchasing them. Don’t be fooled into thinking that the more expensive the product is, the better it is.

Petroleum Jelly As A Moisturizer
Some women actually use petroleum jelly as a moisturizer. Nothing can be more economic than that. Applied after you wash your face, it will lock in the moisture and give you a fresh shiny look. This method may be as repugnant as not washing your face at all to many women. In which case, do some research and find out what dermatologists recommend as key ingredients in a good moisturizing product. Once that is determined, do some comparative shopping looking for those ingredients. If you’re on a tight budget, check the generic brands. More often than not, you will find the exact same ingredients in the generic brand as in the popular name brands. Look for the same ingredients in an all over body wash.

Sunscreen is as equally important as your moisturizer, if not more so. Choosing a brand however is not as brain-wracking. Provided you choose one with a minimum of SPF15, the rest is a matter of preference. In which case, why not choose one that smells good. However, if you are fair-skinned, a higher amount of SPF may be in order. Protecting your skin from the sun will make moisturizing that much easier, and can’t be stressed enough. Speaking off ‘stress’, eliminate it as much as possible from your life. It is the one most damaging factor to your health and a long life.

Lastly, to consider is your make-up products. You should go about choosing them in the same way as choosing your moisturizer. In the case of make-up, most of the time, less is more, depending on your skin type. If your skin has great texture with even skin tone, you could very well go without using a foundation. Nothing can make your skin look less natural than your choice of foundation, so if you must use one, take particular care in your choice. Otherwise, just a little color on your lips and accentuating of your eyes and you’re good to go.

Nothing is more beautiful than a confident woman. How can it be said without using a cliché? Maybe it can’t. Bolstering your confidence and making you feel good on the inside is a perfect way to looking great on the outside.

About Author: This article is a contribution from Mountain View Dermatology, acne facials experts in Boulder Colorado.

Makeup or no Makeup?

Some girls swear by makeup. They are the ones who would rather die than go out in public without first fixing their face. Others however, contend that makeup is a nonessential item, something that society tells us that we need, when really we don’t. Like it or hate it, there seem to be some solid arguments that exist in either direction. If you are still unsure as to where you stand in this debate, take a look at some of the points that follow, and hopefully they will help you to make up your own mind.


The first advantage of wearing makeup, and the one that is most argued by makeup lovers, is the effect that it has on how your face looks. Rather than changing your face completely, the point of makeup is to accentuate your most positive features. If you know how to apply it properly, it can make a huge difference to your look, without challenging the integrity of your face.

Health Benefits

Whether you wear full makeup or not, or you are a man or a woman, you should always be taking care of your skin. Makeup can help as moisturizers add much-needed moisture to a person’s face. Most face makeup also has some SPF in it, which is recommended as vital protection from the sun on a daily basis.

How Do You Feel When You Wear Makeup?

One of the most important parts of your decision will be how you personally react to wearing makeup. Some people love the way that it makes them feel – confident, protected, beautiful. In the other hand however, there are some who say that makeup makes them feel uncomfortable, that they feel artificial when they are wearing it.

Time and Money

Another disadvantage to wearing makeup is the sheer time that it takes to apply it. If you want to wear makeup, you have to be ready to get up just that little bit earlier everyday in order to apply it each morning. Aside from just time, there is also the issue of money. Are the benefits of wearing makeup worth the cost it takes to replace it regularly.

So now that you are more aware of the reasons why some people do and some people don’t wear makeup, you can make a decision of your own. The most important thing to remember is that it has to be a personal choice, regardless of outside factors. The best thing to do is to try it out. Get some makeup, learn how to wear it, and do so for at least a couple of weeks. If you still do not like it at the end of the fortnight, you can simply stop! The choice is up to you, but you never know until you try.

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