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Tips for Becoming a Good Runway Male Model

How to be a male runway model is what we find the majority of the struggling male models would love to know about. Although the women dominate the modeling scene, but the fashion industry has vast opportunities for the male to sink into and make their careers in. The male models, as is the notion is that they do not earn as much as their female counterparts do, nonetheless earn a lot.

Runway modeling has numerous rather big opportunities for the males. Below are few of the useful tips for the male models if they want to be a runway model.

First judge yourself that you have sufficient qualities to be a male runaway model. It is seen that majority of the male runway models have the height in between 5’11” and 6’2″.

The male models weigh around 140 and 165 lbs.

The body structure of a male model should be thin and smart.

If you don’t possess a strong yet thin body structure, the designers would not want to display their clothes on you and this is not your career at all then.

Make a good attractive portfolio to have work. The portfolio has to have your head shots and the shots should also highlight your whole body frame.

You need to study how to do the runway walk/ See the runway models as to how they walk.


Diet Tips for Male Models

As female models want to stay thin and for this they keep on dieting, the male models too would like to wear in a thin frame of body. And yes, they too are found doing dieting and following in the diet plans. Staying thin is good but before any dieting, you need to consult a dietician who will give you a good piece of advice.

You need to eat more protein and you can find the proteins in the foods like egg whites, salmon and nuts.

Instead of eating bulk food three times a day that leaves you with fatty body, you should go for five small meals a day. This way, you will not feel starved and your body will keep on getting energy. Above all, you will stay healthy and fit.

Do eat fiber. Yes, fiber is what that makes you feel full. You can eat fiber by eating the foods like grains, vegetables like kale and fruits like apples.

Do follow in the above mentioned tips and you will be on way to get a thin and healthy body structure.

How to Stand Like a Male Model – Useful Tips

How to stand like a male model is what many aspiring models seek. Remember, each modeling agency possesses its own requirements for their models to be such as particular heights, clothing size, weight and some other things. But one requirement all agencies carry – a male who can carry himself with confidence.

There are certain agencies who train their male models as per their requirements and even how to stand in a particular manner is also what is told to the models.

There are few specific instructions of how to stand like a male model.

You should stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. This will surely help you keep your balance.

You need to flex your knees a bit. If you are going to lock your knees, you will enhance the risk of passing out.

You need to stand in a way that your back should be straight and shoulders held back. Mind you, good posture is vital for many modeling agencies.

You need to strike a pose required by your modeling agency like you could be asked to put your hands into your trousers’ pockets, etc.

Keep the face serious unless asked by the photographer or the agency to put smile on.