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Sparkling Outfits – Today’s Hottest Trend

Sparkling and shinning outfits are once again are in heavy demand. 80s fashion trend of sparkling-dazzling costumes have hit the today’s era with vigor and gusto though the shinning outfits have been going on since the outset but there were times when they kept themselves low but it is the high time nowadays.

All the coveted designers from Dolce & Gabbana, Mulberry, Gucci, Versace, Armani and to name a few – they are found designing the outfits with sparkles. The ramps are adorned with the models doing the catwalks dolling up the ritzy clothes designed by the well known designers of the trade.

The focus has once again converted to the old-chic fashion of sparkling costume or you may term it Razzle-Dazzle as well. The whole fashion industry is booming with sparkles – every other model is seen worn and wrapped up gleaming and giving the viewers shines.

Well, ladies, forget all since it’s time to shine and slaughter the masses with your killing looks swathed with the gloss.

The dazzling, red carpet costly gowns are supremely attracting the souls and the female celebs of Hollywood in particular (who love to appear dolling up gowns) have started wearing the glittering gowns. Give the world the dynamic look you possess with these gowns. Fetch them up from all the leading branded stores or directly from the designers’ outlets. The web is also filled up with these costumes to buy from there.

The metallic outfits accessorized with blank ankle boots are much in nowadays among the models of fashion world and the female celebs of Hollywood.  Don’t think if you are old, you are never old to wear the shiny clothes. So, go and buy one for you. Swanky looks always make you young and turn the youngsters more gorgeous and heart-hitting, so why don’t you follow what is going on!

Knee high boots – trendy, stylish and need of the winter

The sixties style statement in women fashion of wearing the knee high boots has returned in today’s age. The knock of the yesteryear’s fashion nonetheless appears funky and chic. The women laced with knee high boots look stunningly ravishing and heart-hitting apart from being sexy. Knee high boots, where fit well in all seasons, they aptly fit marvelously well with the chilly freezing season of winter.

The easy to wear knee high boots go perfectly well with midi skirt and add spices if worn with jeans and appear ideal with outsized cashmere. They are and will be much popular in 2012 among the ladies of glam world, Hollywood, party babes and among common ladies.

Prada and other coveted brands offer the knee high boots and the new offering called snakeskin boots which are paired with the graphic print pinafores look stunningly eye-candy. They are much hot nowadays and make a classy style statement if paired with playful accessories.

If your plan is to buy only two items in this winter season – then why not to go for the knee high boots along with a chic coat! Buy them and then figure out your beauty, wherever you go, the eyes will follow you everywhere.

These boots not only make your fashion statement by turning you elegant but also help your chubby calves appear slim. In addition to the benefits mentioned above, knee high boots cover the women’s lower leg flaws and give the legs utter warmth much needed in chilly winter season.

If worn with long skirts, they display the romantic and feminine impression and when paired with the short sized skirts and knee length kilts, they turn you sexier and modern at the same time.

If you go wearing stunning jewelry, the extra magic adds to your personality. Carry the branded chic bag on the shoulders or you if you don’t want to go with a bag, you may opt a stylish pouch. In a capsule, knee high boots are the real talk of the town.

Stylish coats for women to wear in winter season

Winter is up…shivering temperature has started shaking the whole body…snow is everywhere…mammoth cold outside even with the rains. The need to get wrapped up with the warm clothes has risen up. The brands have oozed out sensing the need of the hour letting the masses to zero in the best of the designed outfits to carry and wrap the body up.

Women happen to be extra touchier in terms of looking chic and smart than the males. Winter season brings up the super classy, eye-pleasing and breathtaking designed coats and jackets for them to entice their souls and to fill their fashion statement up.

The coats and jackets, though run throughout the year, but for the winter season, the companies have designed them particularly for the season’s demands.  So the ladies – need not to worry about your looks and fashion statements since the coveted brands know your psyche to the fullest by conferring you with what suits you the best to look unique among the horde of crowds. Rather the coats being offered in winter season are super chic that they make the different style statement adding more sparkles to your beauty.

A coat happens to be a prerequisite for the winter season thus the coats in the market manufactured by the prominent luxurious brands include:

Floor-grazing overcoats (check at Giorgio Armani, Michael Kors, Rodarte and all leading stores)

Soft-dressing gowns (check at Giorgio Armani, Versace and all prominent outlets)

Blanket Coats (at all leading fashion outlets)

Cozy Knitted Coats (check at Chanel, Derek Lam, Vanessa Bruno, Etro and all coveted fashion outlets)

Cardi-Coats (available at all leading stores)

While you carry these coats in the winter season, you will feel at ease and much relaxed. They are lighter but warmer. Even the Hollywood female beauties and the socialites are found wearing them and would love to give them the first preference in this winter season. From the likes of Kim Kardashian, Lindsay Lohan to Paris Hilton – they doll up these coats.