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Flattering Swimwear Fashions

With summer just around the corner, it is becoming more and more common to see large sections of stores dedicated to swimwear, trying to tempt people into buying a costume of sorts. However, for themajority of women, swimwear shopping is something that is looked on with dread. The reasons for this dread can vary but more often than not, it boils down to the worry that the costume is not going to look good when it’s on.

If you are one such person with this worry, then the best thing to do is some research into what kind of costume and colour suits your body shape and skin tone. This way you will be able to show off yourbody in the most flattering light, as well as feel confident about how it fits and suits you. Below are a few examples of flattering swimwear pieces.

The One-Piece
This 50s swimwear fashion item is back with bang and is available in many different colours, from the ever glamorous yet simple black to the bright colours of pinks, oranges, greens and reds. This style of swimwear has sweeping lines and very flattering shapes and many include a short-type bottom half, which favours those who are conscious about the tops of their thighs.

The Cutaway
A different take on the one-piece, this style of swimwear has begun to overtake the micro bikini in popularity, with many believing that this style gives off a classier image. This style is suitable for those who would be comfortable wearing a bikini as there is still a lot of skin on show. If you are someone whois conscious of their stomach, then you will be able to find cutaways that show off your sides and dip between your breasts, but leave your stomach covered.

Off The Shoulder
If you are not comfortable with the cutaway trend, then you could always go for an off the shoulder one piece costume. These have the benefit of covering up any lumps and bumps, whilst giving off a very subtle sexy impression. You can also get bikinis that have only one shoulder, which are very flattering and lets those who want to bear a little bit more flesh, do so.

Swim Dress
This is an option that will no doubt be paraded around all the beaches and pools this summer, for it has already proved popular on the catwalks. This fashion basically consists of a one piece integrated into a little dress and is great for those who are not confident enough to wear a bikini but want something more interesting than a simple one piece. The dress section also provides extra cover around the bottom and tops of thighs.

Of course, last but not least…

The Bikini
If you choose to go for a bikini this year then remember that you don’t have to buy a matching set; it’soften a better idea to mix and match various separates because more often than not, women are not the same size on their bottom half as they are on their top half. Do not try to squeeze your breasts or bottom into something that doesn’t fit you correctly; instead pick and choose the right sizes from a range of options and perhaps even different shops.

There is plenty of swimwear available that will enhance your figure, no matter what shape you might be. You will be able to find all of the above designs with various different enhancement methods; such as, tummy tucking, bum shrinking, bust boosting, you just have to put in the shopping hours to ensurethat your chosen swimwear fashion will provide you with all of the support that you need, as well as the confidence that you require.

About Author: Gemma Sly blogs for Freya Lingerie (lingerie and sports bras up to a K cup). She is an avid social media fan and when she’s not in the gym she’s writing hopeful love letters to Vin Diesel.

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