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Reality of wardrobe malfunction?

Wardrobe malfunction is defined as accidental exposure of the private intimate parts in public. I have seen many incidences of wardrobe malfunction. I really surprise that how such incidences are so common. Are these incidences are really accident or it is well-designed to get publicity. Soon after such incidence the particular celebrity comes in news all over the world. Bloggers start talking about the incident. New channels discuss it in newsroom. Newspapers publish it in regular sections. In turn, it is a huge publicity. In my view such incidents cannot be 100% accident or 100% designed but what is the exact proportion of designed incident? Can anybody answer this question?

Girls feel more confident in jeans?

I have read an article in a Indian newspaper where the result of a survey was published. Result of the survey with small group of girls suggests that girls feel more confident in Jeans. I am surprised that how is it possible? How dresses can make somebody more confident? In my view, It can make somebody more comfortable but not confident. I request more girls to answer this question.

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