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Praising the Cathedral Setting

When you hear the words ‘cathedral setting,’ you’d think about something used by a priest and not something that’s used to perfectly symbolize a romantic relationship. But it is one of the loveliest settings for an engagement ring. It’s a classic, and it’s one of the favorites for couples who’ve gotten engaged over the years.

But how is it different from the prong and other classic settings for engagement rings? Why would you choose it among other types of elegant ring designs?

What Makes It a Cathedral?

The setting got its name from the arches that frame the ceilings, windows, alcoves and other parts of a cathedral, which is the venue for many romantic weddings in various parts of the world. The ring setting has the same arches that grace the main mounting of the centre stone.

The arches in this ring setting seem to lift the centre stone in a smooth and gentle manner, offering the ring more beauty and regal appeal.

The Fundamentals of a Cathedral Setting

The cathedral setting is often compared to the classic prong setting, especially when it comes to diamond rings, since it also allows a great amount of light into the centre stone. But it does subtly add a more graceful character to the ring with the arches.

A cathedral setting usually uses prongs to hold the centre stone, but the band splits as it reaches the centre stone. In a classic prong setting, the band meets at the base of the prongs.

Another distinctive feature of this setting is having the thinner part of the band encircling the finger, while the thicker part points to the featured stone.

The ‘Architectural Variations’ of a Cathedral Setting

Perhaps, jewellery designers did take more inspirational ideas for cathedral ring settings from the different types of cathedral architecture in different countries. You’ll find that there are different versions of this setting today. These variations are, indeed, convenient, especially as you think of the ring design that will fit your fiancée perfectly.

  • Varying degrees of arches, which give you designs ranging from slight arches to really dramatic curves to further accentuate the centre stone
  • Varying widths of arches, usually according to the width of the band and the size of the stone
  • Edges can be tapered, rounded or square, depending on which would best match the stone cut and the overall design

Why Build a Ring with a Cathedral Setting?

As mentioned earlier, you might find that the cathedral setting is very much similar to the classic prong setting. This is why one major advantage of a cathedral engagement ring is similar to that of a classic prong: mounting the stone using as little metal as possible and raising it from the band show much of its fire and brilliance.

But the arches of the cathedral setting provide a little extra for the ring:

  • Better protection and stability for the centre stone
  • More romantic and regal character without having to add any side stones or other details
  • The illusion of more height to the whole ring
  • The illusion of having a centre stone that’s larger than it really is

If you’re looking for an engagement ring that’s not elaborate, but is distinctively elegant, see the rings with cathedral setting in jewellery shops. You won’t even need to add accents or side stones to make it look regal and heavenly to fit your queen-to-be.

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What Flowers a Man Should Buy For a Wedding Anniversary

Flowers have always been one of the best choices for present to buy for the ladies. Many women often say that it is stupid and irrational, but the truth is all of them love it. Flowers show special attention and warm feelings and are very good choice when you have no other ideas.
Men are those who think flowers are meaningless and that is why they hate to buy them for their wives and girlfriends. To justify this fact women are lying that they do not like them, so it is less difficult to accept the fact that your man has forgotten to buy you flowers, again!
Gentlemen who accept the idea that flowers make a romantic present will be worshiped by the women and will have great success. Still the men are fighting the idea, but each of them has given up at certain stage of the battle. To give your wife the most beautiful flowers from all your heart and to thank her for the cares for the family is one great thing to do. This article will give some nice ideas about the flowers, which can be picked for a wedding anniversary and the meaning, which may be inserted in them.

The anniversary of a couple or a family is celebration of their love and the things they have accomplished and fulfilled. This day is surely celebrated by the happy couple, but it also can be shared with other friends and relatives, who have witnessed the love of the two during the years. Flowers can be sent to the celebrating couple from close friends and people that have been dear guests in their wedding day and were very pleased with that. The flower arrangements and the baskets are the best choice for them.
There is some sort of list, that is very popular during the last years, which gives special meaning to each year of the marriage and the life of the happy couple. There are certain rules in this list that will help any man to choose special flower to give to his spouse at every year of their life together and add special meaning of his gift.
On the first anniversary it is good to pick carnations. It is also one of the most popular flowers, that can be given as a present like the roses. Its big advantage is that it can be seen in many different colors and expresses many things. It also can last up to ten days with no special care. The dark and white carnations are some of the best choices for the occasion which is discussed in this article. This is due to the fact that both of them express deep and pure love.
The next big anniversary is the 5th. It can be honored with daisies. They can be easily found in the flower shops in any season and month of the year and this makes them also some of the most popular kind of flowers.
The 10th anniversary can be marked by the daffodils. Except the fact that this flower is extremely beautiful, it also symbolizes the friendship. It is good thing for a relationship and marriage, because being close friends will help come over many difficult and not so pleasant situations.
If anyone has wondered where are the roses, here they come for the fifteenth anniversary. Even if they do not have special symbol, they are extremely beautiful themselves.
The rule says that the twentieth anniversary requires Day Lilly, but the truth is that if you managed to stay together for so long and still love each other, you already know how to take the right decisions.

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Packing Your Wedding Dress

Without a doubt, you and your wedding dress are central to the wedding day. However, getting from your home to the place where the ceremony is to take place might turn out to be quite the challenge. The distance could be as little as a few blocks away or as much as a couple of thousand kilometers. Whatever the case, you need to be well prepared so that everything goes as smoothly as possible and your dress arrives at the desired destination intact. Here are a couple of options on how to pack your wedding dress.

In a box

A large box must be used. Its length has to be at least one-third of your gown’s front. Cover the bottom of the box with a tissue of some kind and put the dress over it. The gown has to be in the center of the box, face down and flat out. This is how you will avoid creases and wrinkles from forming. Begin with the gown’s side seams. The skirt is to be folded length-wise over the tissue. The skirt must not exceed the box’s width. Proceed with adding more tissue. The gown’s top has to be folded into the box. The bodice is going to be facing up. More tissue is to be used in the packing of the bodice. Make sure you cushion everything (sleeves, belts, bows, florals) that needs protection. Once you are done with the whole procedure, the gown has to be packed so tight that it doesn’t move around within the box.

In a suitcase

Provided that your gown is a ballgown or a generous A-line, complete with a petticoat, you will have to pick the largest suitcase you can. Otherwise, just like with the box, look for a suitcase, at least one-third of your gown’s front’s length. Remember, that your wedding dress has to be the only thing you should pack in the suitcase, other than the cushioning tissue. Basically, follow the same instructions as with the packing in a box. Again, don’t forget to stuff the bodice with tissue. That is how the wedding dress will retain its original shape.

In a Garment Bag

The first, and pretty much most important thing, when packing a gown in a garment bag is to find where the hangers of the dress are. Most wedding dresses little hangers that resemble straps. These straps are designed to the stress off your shoulders. Usually, they are found either at the waistline or at the armhole. Once you hang your gown on a hanger (make sure it’s a padded one, with additional cushioning), pack the dress with some tissue in its bodice in order for it to retain its shape. Provided there is a full skirt, the bottom of the bag needs to be packed in such a manner that the skirt will rest on it in order to eliminate any stress to the gown’s hemline.

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