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How to Do Your Own Wedding Day Makeup

Every woman wants to look stunning on her wedding day–and from a gorgeous wedding gown to that sleek and sexy up ‘do there’s a lot of planning when it comes to looking the part. Makeup plays a key role when it comes to looking your best on such a special day–and before you think you need a professional makeup artist to apply it for you, think again. You know your face better than anyone–and that makes you the perfect candidate for creating your perfect wedding-day face.

Prep Work

A lot of planning goes into your wedding day, and part of the planning should include proper care of your skin weeks, if not months, ahead of time. Cleanse and moisturize your face daily with products specifically designed for your skin type, and never leave the house without applying sunscreen with an SPF of 15 or higher. Pay special attention to problem areas on your skin–using quality products to treat blemishes and reduce puffiness or dark circles under the eyes. Drink plenty of water each day and maintain a healthy diet, too. The result will be healthy, glowing skin–the ideal canvas for your wedding day makeup.

Think about which cosmetics you already have to do your own wedding day makeup, and make a list of the items you’ll need. Keep in mind that your makeup application should look like “you,” only with slight enhancements–so you may need to pick up some items you don’t normally use, sticking with a color palette you feel comfortable with. When in doubt, opt for more neutral colors instead of bright ones.

The Perfect Foundation

On clean skin, the first thing you’ll need to apply is primer. Primer evens out the texture of the skin, making your makeup go on much smoother than if you went without. After applying primer, you’ll be ready for foundation. If you don’t normally use foundation, you might want to try using a tinted moisturizer in place of one. Tinted moisturizer is fool-proof–and for those women who don’t usually go for foundation, it will be easy to apply and it has a natural look. If you want to use foundation, apply the shade you usually use, and blend it in well with your fingertips, a foundation brush, or a cosmetic sponge depending on whether it’s liquid or powder. Once the foundation is evenly applied, use some light concealer to camouflage any blemishes or discoloration on the skin.

Illuminate the Eyes

Now that you have the perfect base–it’s time to make the eyes sparkle. Apply your chosen eye shadow color evenly over each lid with an eye shadow brush. Use a color slightly lighter than your lid color to highlight the brow bones, blending if necessary with a small cosmetic sponge or blending brush. Use colors that compliment your eye color, hair color, and gown–opting for earthy tones if you’re unsure. Bronze, gold, and brown are great shades for bridal makeup–as are smokier colors like gray and silver. Once you’re satisfied with your eye shadow application, use eyeliner to really make your eyes pop. For a more classic look try liquid eyeliner on just the top lid. If you want to use it along the bottom lash line, use a soft eyeliner crayon or pencil so that you don’t end up with a harsh line. Curl your eyelashes or apply false ones if desired, and finish with waterproof mascara.

Blush Those Cheeks

Lightly dust your cheekbones with blush, applying just a bit more to the apples of your cheeks to really make them stand out for your wedding photos. If you have a tendency to turn red fairly easily, go easy on the blush and apply only slightly more than you would on a normal day.

You May Kiss the Bride Lips

If you want to make your groom weaken in the knees when it comes time to kiss the bride, go for a soft, natural look. Use a neutral-colored lip pencil to carefully outline your natural lip line, and apply a matching lipstick color evenly over your lips. Top it off with a clear or light-colored gloss to make your lips shine. If you don’t feel comfortable wearing lipstick, skip it and just use the light-colored gloss. You can reapply when you need to and you won’t need a mirror to do it.

Set Your Look

Once you’ve achieved the look you were going for, don’t forget to set your makeup so that it stays put for the duration of your special day. Makeup can be set with a setting powder or a setting spray–a light dusting or a soft mist will do the trick.

Don’t Forget to Practice

Practice is important if you want your makeup to be perfect on your wedding day–so don’t wait until the last minute to apply it for the first time. Start practicing a few weeks before your wedding so that you are able to perfect your look in time for the big day. Practicing well in advance will also give you time to shop for new colors or brands if you’re not satisfied with the ones in your cosmetic bag. Practice makes perfect, so don’t overlook its importance!
Applying your own wedding day makeup isn’t as big of a challenge as it may seem. With a little practice, you’ll have your bridal makeup mastered–and you’ll feel like a million bucks on your wedding day.

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Is the White Wedding Dress Era Ending?

It was Bridal Market in New York recently, a fun time when the bridal designers debuted their Spring 2013 collections of wedding gowns. It is a great place to see what the trends will be in the coming seasons for wedding fashion, and one trend was very striking: more and more designers are showing wedding dresses in colors other than white. Since Queen Victoria’s wedding in the 1800s, white has been the color for brides, but do the latest trends mean that the era of the white wedding dress is coming to an end?

You would have been hard pressed even to find a white wedding gown in Vera Wang’s Spring 2013 collection. Last season, she shocked everyone by showing a collection of dresses that were mostly black, and this season, she followed that up with a siren red bridal collection. Looking back, it seems that Vera Wang has been moving away from white for a long time – in previous years she showed gowns in colors like lettuce and caramel – but her most recent gowns have completely abandoned the notion that brides should wear light hues. Given that Vera Wang is an often-imitated trendsetter in the world of bridal, one has to wonder if more American bridal designers will start using bolder colors.

Actually, you wouldn’t have to look far to see another designer who dabbled in dramatic hues this season; the Spring 2013 collection from Romona Keveza also featured several scarlet dresses. Two of them were so simple that when done in red they really did not even look like wedding gowns. A third dress, however, was a classic bridal style, just shown in a color other than white. One could imagine a bride wearing a veil and pearl bridal jewelry with that particular dress to create a very traditional bridal look with a colorful twist.

Building on what Vera Wang showed for Fall 2012, black is still being shown in the newest bridal runway shows. Isaac Mizrahi debuted a new collection for Kleinfeld that had quite a few dresses with black. There were gowns with big black and white gingham sashes (so cute!), one with a chic little black band around the waist, another with black embroidery, and one with white lace layered over a black underskirt. Mizrahi also showed some pink wedding dresses, which these days feel almost as traditional as white!

Oscar de la Renta had plenty of white bridal gowns in his latest runway show, but again, there were also gowns in non-traditional colors. He had a burgundy dress and another in red, as well as an ice blue dress that was lovely, but to my eyes looked more like an especially beautiful bridesmaid dress. Designer Ines di Santo showed a shiny black mermaid dress that was slinky and sexy, as well as a full skirted strapless black gown dusted in sparkly accents. The second gown was extremely glamorous, and I could picture it worn with a wide crystal choker and sparkly bridal jewelry to pick up on the embellishments on the dress.

Many other bridal designers had at least one or two non-white gowns in their most recent collections, from a fabulous pink strapless number at Maggie Sottero to a unique floral gown shown by Douglas Hannant. While the majority of brides still opt for the traditional white or ivory wedding dress, it is clear that it is no longer the only option. Time will tell if this colorful bridal gowns are a temporary trend, or a new wedding tradition that is here to stay.

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Is This Your Body Shape : The Pear

Though it is not as perfect as the hourglass figure, almost all women have such pear body shapes. This common shape, unfortunately, is the most difficult in finding the most suitable design of wedding dress. A woman with pear figure is mostly having bigger part on bottom with small cleavage and shoulders. It means, she should choose a wedding dress which can avoid the look of extra weight on bottom and hips.

But all women are beautiful creature and they will have the best wedding dress with her body shapes. This pear shape woman is blessed with that gracefully slim waist and torso in which no other body shape can boast. This J-Lo body shape can be wearing any dress featuring best asset and hiding disproportionate shape.

A woman with pear shape figure is free to reveal her smaller part of her body—the upper  half part—with the proper wedding dress designs. As she has to get a more appearance of proportioned body part, she is able to add depth on her upper half  in choosing a kind of skirt and sleeve which flows loosely into her lower half. This can flatter her feminine silhouette with incredible wedding dress design.

As a pear figure woman has small cleavage, she is recommended to select a corset with many details as they can create curves illusion. Open shoulders is recommended because this kind of body shape has a great, trimmed shoulder part which is best to be accentuated. With the small back weight, showing off back area is strongly advised.

The best styles for pear shape wedding dresses includes A-line and empire styled wedding dress which they can enhance her physique. The matched necklines will be strapless ones or circular halter necklines. However, this kind of body shape will not look good in flowing fabric and it is recommended to choose fabrics with volume like taffeta.