Five Vintage Accessories That Will Complement Every Outfit

Tying decades together with my outfit has always been one of my favourite things to do.  I love finding great pieces from history that break the modern mould.  The following list explains my top five vintage accessories that will complement every outfit.  Remember, just because it is newly made does not make it the best, so try these pieces for a little excitement in your wardrobe.


Sunglasses are more than just functional but they are great fashion accessories, too!  A great pair of vintage accessories is something that any fashion star needs in their wardrobe.  Try looking at a local vintage clothing store for a pair that is from a decade gone by but still are modern in their appeal.  One of the best finds that you may come across is a great pair of vintage sunglasses.  Usually moderately priced, these sunglasses are highly stylish and can bring history and modernity together in a wonderfully fashionable way.


A brooch or pin can be a beautiful accessory that brightens up any outfit.  There are many vintage brooches out there that can really compliment your current style.  Try finding a great pin from the twenty’s that will bring that vintage flare to a modern piece.  Do not be afraid to mix eras when applying your vintage pin.  They can be a wonderful accessory on a modern paint or dress suit that will not only make you feel more stylish but may also be a conversation piece as well.


A scarf is another great vintage accessory for any wardrobe.  Coming from all decades, these pieces have unique colours and patterns that are often unique to the decade in which they were created.  Further, these pieces are extremely versatile.  I love taking my vintage scarf and one day wearing it around my neck and another day around my waist.  It gives flare to a neutral outfit and can really make you stand out among a sea of modern fashions.


I know that I have had those days when my hair just simply will not do what I want it to.  It seems frizzy or not styled and I just do not have the time to fix it.  For that reason, I run to my closet and grab one of my favourite hats to cover it up and spice up my wardrobe.  Among my favourites in my collection are the vintage hats I have picked up in little shops in my neighbourhood.  Among my collection are hats from the forties, fifties, and seventies.  They are great and functional vintage accessories that really make my outfit pop, cover up my unruly hair, and give me a fun look.


It may seem unconventional, but some of my favourite vintage pieces from my collection are the accessories I carry rather than wear.  Among these, I love my vintage handbags from designers that still remain popular today and the umbrella that I carry with a sixties flare.  It gets me noticed and I have picked them up for less money than they can be purchased for now.  Remember, accessories can be vintage and functional, too!


There are many locations where you can find the vintage accessories described above.  Look at local vintage stores, of course, to find these unique finds but also try others.  Ask older family members if they have pieces that they have kept in their closets over the years or try looking on the internet to find exactly what you are looking for.  Remember, vintage accessories will be fun and fashionable but they do not have to be budget busting.  Shop around and compare and see what you can find!

One of my favourite vintage designers at the moment is Johnny Loves Rosie.  Take a look at their collection – you are sure to find some accessories that will complement your outfits completely.

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