How to Choose a Shirt That Fits

With so many different styles of shirt now available and with everybody suiting and feeling comfortable with certain styles, it can be a difficult task to find the right shirt for you, and more importantly, one which fits.

We take a look at the different styles available and how best to choose a style which will suit, and fit you!

Get Measured
The one thing men don’t do is have themselves properly measured. Unless you are visiting a tailor then most retailers will size their shirts based on neck size and arm length. It’s really important to know this and choose a suitable shirt. Remember you don’t want your collar to choke you to death, it should fit snugly but comfortably.

First and foremost get the occasion you are going to wear your shirt in right. Is it for a social occasion or a shirt you intend to wear in a more formal guise, such as work or a job interview? There will be some shirts which will also work in both situations but just be conscious of this.

Also important at this stage is whether you intend to wear a tie with the shirt or not. Though not impossible to match plaid, chequered and striped shirts are more difficult to match to ties.

Shirts will often come in a different range of fits. Different retailers will vary what these are called but they generally fit into 3 categories:

  • Tailored Fit – likely to fit closely to and hug your stomach and chest and arms.
  • Slim Fit – like a tailored fit shirt these shirts won’t be as slim fitting around the stomach as a tailored fit shirt
  • Classic/Standard Fit – shirts of this type typically have no tailoring at all.

You preferred fit will often depend on your body shape, but as a very general rule men with a more athletic physique will better suit tailored and slim fit shirts. Men with a rounder frame will suit a classic fit.

Like fits collars breakdown into even more different types. Rather than try and remember the name of each one just remember that a collar frames your neck and your face. You can therefore use a collar to balance yourself out; for example if you have a long neck and face got for a shorter cut away collar. If you face tends to be more round opt for a spread or long collar to help your face look longer.

About Author: Hayden Taylor are specialists in designer menswear. From Ralph Lauren Sweatpants, to Laine Taylor Shirts, they cater for a range of occassions and styles.

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