4 Ideas for Wearable Art

Artwork can be breathtaking, inspiring or even whimsical. Traditionally hung on the wall, you can also choose to wear your favorite pieces of art. With colorful T-shirts, cool hats and incredible jewelry, you can publicly display a little piece of your own personality and change it around every day.

1. Hand Embroidery

Smocking is becoming a lost art, but this form of hand embroidery is a timeless treasure that looks charming on young children. If you were fortunate enough to have a smocked dress or shirt as a child, then you will be thrilled to learn that you can still enjoy the beauty of smocking in a clever purse that can go everywhere with you. You can also choose smocked hats that will remind you of the innocence of childhood while also protecting you from the sun.

2. Knitting and Crocheting

From dolls and toys to dresses and hats, people who are clever with a crochet hook can make practically anything. If you feel like you’re too old for crocheted items, you might want to reconsider. Crocheted hats can take you back to the turn of the century with a flapper style and bright flower, or you can dress up your children in adorable crocheted hats with animal hears. Whether you want an elegant bonnet for your daughter or a bright, colorful headband that shows your whimsical side, you can find the perfect artistic touch in knitted or crocheted accessories.

3. Beads and Metal

From bold necklaces to subtle earrings, people have used jewelry as an art form for centuries. The pieces can be inspirational with references to your religion, or they can be fun and whimsical selections that tell a little story about who you are. Whether they are crafted from the most expensive stones or the basic elements, you will never get tired of showing off your love of art with fantastic jewelry pieces.

4. Painted Fabric

The most common wearable art falls into the category of functional clothing. From basic sundresses to formal attire and fun T-shirts, you can wear your favorite artwork every day. Large flowing skirts painted with beautiful scenes are stunning, or you can choose a simple T-shirt that shows off your favorite colors, styles and patterns. The beauty of custom artistic clothing is that no one else will be wearing anything like it, ensuring that you look as unique and wonderful as you really are.

There are countless ways to share your love for art by incorporating it into your everyday outfits. From fun smocked purses that are soft and elegant to whimsical T-shirts printed with your own custom artwork, you will never grow tired of sharing the art you are passionate about. Add a touch to your hair with a knitted accessory or tie a piece around your waist with a unique hand-made belt. You will love sharing the unique looks and you just might inspire a few of the people around you.

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