Beautiful Japanese Supermodel Nozomi Sasaki

Nozomi Sasaki is one of Japan’s best supermodels

Here is another famous supermodel from Japan. The name is
Nozomi Sasaki. She is one of Japan’s most famous and beautiful young ladies.
This is another name that need be on anyone’s list of favorite celebrities.
This Japanese cosmetic was born on February 8, 1988 in the Akita Prefecture. She
was actually born 10 days following me on the same day. Isn’t that interesting?

I have always liked and accepted Nozomi. She has one of
the cutest looking faces to go along with extremely beautiful eyes. Those eyes
of her will prevent from seeing and impress any man.

Nozomi actually began modeling when she was 14 days of
age. After a while, she started to come into view on a magazine that specifically
catered to young people titled “Young Jump.” In addition, she appeared on
several other magazines as a model. In late 2008, she also released her very
first photo book titled “Nozomi.”

She has also made many appearances on monitor and she
has even had a few movie roles. Nozomi has appeared in over 10 television
programs and over 20 monitor commercials ago 2009. Her first big
breakthrough on the monitor backdrop was when she appeared in a commercial
advertising Lotte’s new product which was chewing gum called Fit’s. She performed
a boogie called Fit’s Dance. This became such a accomplishment that it sold over 40
million in the first 5 months of the Japanese gum market. In that market, 4
million per year is considered a huge number. And 40 million is really

In March 2009, Nozomi was chosen as an bronze character
for a special advertising campaign by the Japan Magazine Publisher’s
Association. This is a trade friendship created by the government of Japan and
sponsored by the Ministry of Education. Between July and August 2009, her photo
appeared in over 300 magazines and over 30,000 posters for bookstores and
public libraries all over Japan. That is a very impressive accomplishment. For
a celebrity to get the amount of airing that Nozomi has gotten so far in her
young adult life, that is really amazing. In addition, 100,000 posters of her
were hung in trains in the Tokyo and Kansai Metropolitan areas as well as on
2009 pre-paid cards.

Nozomi made a short air in the movie Handsome Suit
in 2008 and two other monitor series. Her big drama get through came in
2009 when she starred in the movie Tenshi No Koi as a teenage girl involved in
a rocky association with an older man. The movie became an instant accomplishment where
it became diffuse in some nearby countries such as Hong Kong, Taiwan and
Singapore. In 2010, Nozomi acted in a monitor drama titled Dohyo Girl. In
this drama, she plays the role of a archetypal who becomes the coach of a high
school sumo wrestling team. This marked the very first time in this young woman’s
career that she had a leading role in a monitor drama series.

Nozomi has also started on a musical career. She released
her first individual called Kamu To Funyan in July 2010. At the end of last year,
she released her second individual called Jin Jin Jingle Bell. This was a cover she
did of Chisato Moritaka’s 1995 classic song.

Nozomi has also released five photo books and two DVD’s.
In her young life, she has adroit very much and I hope that more people
will carry on to attention who she is.


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