Benefits of Flat Shoes

Before highlighting on the benefits of wearing flat shoes, it’s important that we first find out the reasons why wearing heels is hazardous. Today, wearing high heels is considered stylish and sexy as the lady is made to look taller, modern and more professional .Wearing flat shoes is however perceived to be rather old fashioned .Most pumps (another name for high heels),are narrow, pointed and mostly two inch high. And the higher the shoe, the greater the pressure on the knees and the entire body. This makes wearing such shoe biomechanically and medically unsound.

Wearing pumps puts a lot of pressure on the knees and joints since the whole body mass rests on them. Doctors have over the years warned that high heels contribute to many health problems that include;

-Knee and back problems

-Serious injuries in case one falls

-Feet impairment

-Corns and Discomfort

-Unbalanced, awkward forward posture.

-Shortening of Calf muscles in the knee and joints.

It is very unfortunate that even after being made aware of these side effects, women just can’t stop wearing the pumps and the stilettos and thus continue to be victims of fashion. Studies have it that heels put much strain on the knee joints and tendons that link the knee cap to the thigh bone forcing the thigh muscles to work even harder. This leads to increased pressure inside the knee resulting to a condition known as osteoarthritis. This is a condition that develops as the cartilage in the bones and joints wears away leaving the bones brittle and susceptible to injuries.

Foot problems are rarely inherited meaning that they develop as a result of one’s negligence, careless lifestyles and lack of information. But for the lovers of heels reading this article, now you know better.

Benefits of wearing flat shoes are enormous. First, one will not experience the above problems that arise as a result of wearing heels. Flats enable the leg and thigh muscles to contract and stretch out fully thus preventing stiffness, pain and injury to the knees and joints. Other benefits include;

  • Flat shoes provide stability and balance. In addition they are very comfortable and flexible.
  • Flat shoes are very stylish and sexy when worn with the proper outfit just like heels.
  • In case of an attack or emergency, flat shoes offer the wearer the ability to take off fast.
  • Flat shoes come in a variety of styles and color and are suitable for both men and women of all ages including, the pregnant women because they are very comfortable.

It is a fact that women are four times more vulnerable to suffer from foot, back, knee and joint problems compared to men who over the ages have worn flat shoes. It is high time women embraced the trend of flat shoes and live healthier lives. With stylish flats, one can look sexy, fashionable and charming and so why not throw away your high heels in your closet and replace them with a great collection of different designs and colors of flats?

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