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A lifelike nude oil colour art or black and frosted charcoal pencil drawing of your loved one will certainly be an everlasting and highly appreciated art gift. Additionally, bad nude portrait drawings could spice up your relationship!

Experienced and art academic graduated portraitists in Chiang Mai create the most bravura nude portraits. What could feasibly be more circumspect than having your abettor careworn or painted by a businesslike portrait artist based in a faraway destination?

Those wishing to buy nude portraits should choice a special photo and send it to the online portrait art freelancer via email. However, there’s also the alternative to upload a film directly to their website. Once the nude photo has been received, one of the aflame and skilful Thai artists will turn it into a bravura oil colour portrait or black and frosted charcoal pencil sketch.

In general nude portraits will be finished In five working days. Once the artwork has been completed, a digital photo of the nude portrait art will be send to the customer.This allows the client to appraise the portrait and perhaps suggest any reasonable modifications. Only when the customer is fully content with the result, the nude portrait will be shipped free of charge! Obviously the nude photo that was used to create the lifelike portrait will be deleted.

Completed nude portrait orders will be stored in solid, cardboard tubes guaranteeing that the artworks arrive at the postal addresses in a perfect state. Normally it takes concerning 10 working days having the prepared nude portrait delivered at your home address. You can buy a mini charcoal nude portrait online for as low as $65!

The most popular nude portraits are black and frosted charcoal pencil drawings. Nude charcoal portraits come in sizes varying from mini (19x28cm) to big (56x76cm) drawings. Portraitists based in Chiang Mai, Thailand are the world’s most skilful art painters. Additionally, the fees are considerably cheaper than those available by the main online portrait art suppliers in the West, although the edifying ambiance of the nude portraits is even higher!

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