Dark face of sexual harassment in modeling

The world of glitters called ‘Fashion’, where it sparkles a lot grabbing the attention of many rather almost all, also is laced with the shocking and bitter aspects which simply shake the whole of body when one comes to learn about them. The sexual harassment is much common in fashion industry and even this evil exists in other entertainment fraternities as well such as filmdom or television. Since the people get attracted towards the entertainment fields and the people turn star after stepping into these abodes, the ones who are already in take big advantage of the ones who love to enter into! Many of the aspiring models have to sacrifice and the scarification happens with sexual harassment.

A prominent magazine published a story on the sexual harassment with the female models in which it was described that a 16-year-old model was delivering her first photo shoot in Paris. She was inexperienced in the trade. While she took a tiny break for taking a cup of coffee, the photographer followed her to the hall where she was having her cup of coffee. He started playing with her outfits then he slipped into his hand between the girl’s legs and fumbled her. The model got stunned suddenly as to what happened to her. She could not speak up. The words jammed into the mouth. The photographer turned silent as well but continued his business. Both walked back into the room and dolled up with the photo shoot.

Sara Ziff, the famous runway model, too has been the victim of sexual harassment in the beginning of her career when she was 14. Her first casting was at the apartment of the photographer. A number of models were already waiting at the doorstep. She entered into the house. The photographer said to her that the shoot was for bathing story so he could not picture her into bathing suit. He asked her to take her shirt off. She did and then he asked to take the pants off and then he continued asking taking everything off making her topless.

Well, this happens with every new model and almost all maintain silence since they have to stay there. But the dark aspect of sexual harassment has to be highlighted to stop it.

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