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With the change in fashion, many new things have developed in the fashion segment. Even in the nail industry, many different nail art forms have developed with time. The nail care industry is not just about the manicures and nail polishes, now it has emerged with new nail art and extensions technologies. Different varieties of new products and services are launched in this segment to add style and glamour to someone’s nail.

Gel nails have came out as the latest trend in the nail fashion, these gel nails are very easy to use and gives your nails an extraordinary look. In this process, gels are used on the nails for enhancing their length and strength. Gel is applied over the base of the nails and then is allowed to dry under the UV light lamps.

The gel adds sheen to the nails and makes them look very beautiful. It also gives the facility of natural growth of the nails under the coats, the gel used in the process are odorless and gives a very amazing look to the fingers. The Nail UV lamps plays a very important role in the whole application process. They help in accentuating the nails and make then stay lustrous. Various types of UV lamps are found in the market for this purpose and can be bought as per the requirements.

They are best for curing the nails during the gel application process; these lamps are equipped with many settings and can perform variety of tasks like gel applications, top coats of nail colors, etc. The gels usually contain polymers and monomers which are applied on nails and are then left for hardened up and cured with the use of these UV lamps. The UV light helps in giving these nails more natural look and makes them strong so that they can stay for longer period of time.

Different sizes are also found in these UV lamps, as for personal use at home small portable lamp can be bought. These small lamps are easy to use and can be kept anywhere in the house whereas big lamps are used by the professionals in spa or parlors for advanced nail gel art. These lamps are available in the market with different capacities of bulbs like 4-watt, 6-watt, a 9-watt, 12-watt, 36-watt, etc. The watt of the bulbs determines the intensity, the more the watt is the higher the intensity is.

With the increase in demands sleek and attractive designs are launched in these UV lamps so that they are easy to use and look good when kept. Thus, before buying these UV lamps few basic things should be considered so that you purchase the best piece for yourself. These uv lamps for nails (lampade uv per unghie) help in getting rid from the bad nail problems and make your hands look gorgeous with beautiful gel nails.

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