How to become a good male model – tips to follow

When you glance a look at the fashion industry, the majority of the models are females who have been ruling the scene in their respective countries and abroad. Even whenever the fashion word hits the mind, the females’ persona lands up. But it doesn’t mean that males are not needed in fashion industry, they are equally needed but the reason of their being less in this fraternity is obvious – women have more inclination than men for being models. Apparently it seems that becoming a model is quite easy whereas it is not the case. You have to struggle hard to be a good model. Here are some of the instructions for the male models which will turn them into a good model of the fashion industry.

  • Do meet up with the standard requirements of the fashion (modeling) industry. The ideal height for a male model is in between 5′ 11″ and 6′ 2″ and they normally weigh around 175 pounds. The male modeling can take place from the age of 18 to 25 and they can easily go doing modeling till the age of 40, which is higher than their female counterparts. But males have another edge as well like if they have crossed their 40s, there are still other modeling assignments which can be done such as eyewear modeling etc.
  • Keep your body toned up. There is no need to be a body builder – modeling just requires you body in shape.
  • Pack the bags and move to some big city which has name in modeling or fashion field like New York, Milan, London, Paris, etc.
  • Make your powerful portfolio by getting your several head shots and body shots in business attire, casual wears and in sportswear. Put your information at the back of the pictures – the info like height, weight, clothing size and shoe size, etc.
  • Hire an agent who can bring you jobs but very carefully sign for the projects making research of the legitimacy of the venture.
  • You must have your passport ready all the time.

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