How to make good first impression before a modeling agency?

You are about to enter into the world of modeling since you have passion to make career in and have everything needed to step into the glam world. Make your first impression before the modeling agencies as strapping as you can as your first impression is what takes you to the level where you are laced with golden opportunities.

No Contact through E-mails

No need to make contact with the modeling agencies through e-mails unless the websites of the agencies request for the same. This generates the bad impression if you do so without their asking to do so. Use the regular mail instead. Along with your comp card, send in a brief letter and resume.

Get Your Comp Card and Portfolio Prepared

Prior to making any contacts with the modeling agencies, you need to prepare your portfolio and comp card ready always.

At Open Calls – Always Reach There Before Time

If you are going to attend the open call, reach there before 15 minutes rather than reaching there late or on time. Open calls happen to be much exhausting for the agents so they often are in haste to reach home after all is done. Make your first impression as well before time model.

No Need to Show Fashion Statements

Well, there is absolutely no need to show your fashion statement there before the agents by wearing the minis, shorts or the kinds of clothes. Just wear the dress pants or simply the jeans since they are interested in seeing you and not your taste.

Deep Cleavage – Big No

Often the aspiring models show deep cleavage. Don’t show it.

Extra Make Up and Untidy Hair – ‘No’

No need to wear heavy or extra makeup – just put average makeup and get your hair set properly.

Don’t Wear Jewelry

Say goodbye to jewelry when you are to meet up the modeling agencies.

Don’t Ask How Much a Job Pays?

Don’t ask this question time and again rather you should not ask it since it will be done later.

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