How To: Put in Flawless Clip in Hair Extensions

Clip in hair extensions are a great way of transforming your look without having to spend hours in the hairdresser chair. With the Christmas party season just around the corner, clip in hair extensions are a great trick of the trade and the ideal choice for those looking to experiment a new look. If you are thinking about buying a set or are sick of spending hours putting yours in only to realise you look like you’re rocking a mullet, here is our fool proof guide to applying your own extensions.

1. Check that you can open and close each extension by applying pressure to both sides of the clip. Spent time opening and closing them just so that you get the ‘knack’ of it, when you are putting the extensions in the back of your hair it will come in handy!Lay each extension on a flat surface with the clips open and begin separating your hair into three pieces, left side, right side and back.

2. Move each side piece out of the way and starting at the back of your head, draw a comb horizontally from ear to ear to make a part. Clip all hair above the part out of the way and pick up your first extension. Slightly backcomb the area where you are placing the clips in order to disguise where you natural hair ends and the extension begins.

3. Once the hair is backcombed, take your extension and attach the centre clip to the root of the hair, snap shut to secure. Continue this process to attach the outer clips along the part line, make sure that each extension is secure before moving on to the next (this saves any embarrassing situations when you have to retrieve your hair from the dance floor)

4. Make another part 1 inch above the first set of extensions, softly brush natural hair over the extensions already attached to create a thin veil. Take another extension and attach this in the same manner as before, continue to do so as you move up the back of your head. Use a mirror to make sure that none of the clips are showing.

5. For the side pieces, create a horizontal part just above the ear and gradually build up the same way as the back. If you have shorter pieces why not use these to add layers to your look, ideal for those looking to give their hair shape and style?

6. Once all extensions are in, softly brush to achieve the desired style and enjoy! When you want to remove them, simply unclip the extensions starting from the top and working your way down. DO NOT TRY AND PULL THE CLIPS OUT this will damage both the extension and your hair.

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