Introduction to nude photography

Nude Photography

Nude photography is a part of art where nude human body is depicted. Here the sexuality of the model is not emphasized and it should never evoke a erotic response on the viewer (although it can be avoided). This form of photography is different from glamor or pornography photography where showing which has the sexually suggestive component. The face of the model (called portrait) is generally not included in the nude photography. Here main aim always remain showing human body, rather than the person. The extremes of light and shadow is used throughout the picture. Some photograph contain shadows across the body. Many times oiled skin is photographed. All these are done to present the texture and structure of human body. Some known nude photographer are Felix-Jacques Moulin, Edward Weston, Ruth Bernhard and Jerry Avenaim.
If you want to be a successful nude photographer, you should be able to see human body as an art. If you can depict human body non-erotically then you will succeed in your attempts. There are models who offer to be photographed nude for such photographers. This is also part of the curriculum in many art schools.
Following is the video where David LaChapelle Sharing Tips on Nude Photography

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