Most Stylish Female Movie Stars

The constant stalking by cameras and fashion icons (watching closely for who wears what and who pulls up in the most horrendous Oscar dress) means that female movie stars need to have that essential touch of fashion and style. Fame brings fashion and fashion brings fame – if they basically want to cruise through celebrity life then fashion know-how is a must.Unfortunately, a few almighty dresses can basically hurt a movie career.

No matter where they’re headed the best-dressed actors are forever on their toes to make sure they look great whatever the occasion.

On our list of best-dressed female movie stars we have Cameron Diaz as one of the top. She has a signature clothing style to match her natural skin tan and tone. Her apparel normally show off her bravura personality, whether it be a baggy peach dress for the most current Oscar’s or just a bit of causative gear. The gold crackle dress went down a real treat for this year’s Oscar awards (earning her first corner as one of the best dressed actors).

Penelope Cruz also makes it to the top of the list. She isn’t scared to wear bold colours, such as cherry wine red or deep blue, and pulls them off absolutely well. Her great ability for colour coordination and knack for In the most exclusive, dear dresses shows off her perfect sense of style.

Again at the Oscar awards Mariah Carey was voted one of the best dressed for her jaw-dropping deep blue dress, but this isn’t the first time she’s dazed a crowd.  She puts a magical and familiar touch into each sleek civilized dress she turns up in.

Kate Moss
Kate Moss deserves to be on any top dressed list as of her unique dress sense and, of course, the fact she by no means misses the most current trend. Hottest shoes, newest handbags and the newest fashion – not to broach she looks like she doesn’t disburse much time on her looks but even finds the perfect million dollar agency for all occasion.

Finally, Jessica Alba’s current air in any blockbusters has drawn attention to her style and fashion. She’s the must-have model for top designers approximately the world – auspiciously for Jessica her great figure acclaim about any new and coming style.

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