Palladium Is Today’s “It” Metal For Bold, Fashionable Fine Jewelry

If you’ve been looking for that perfect piece of fine jewelry, then it’s high time you know about palladium.  Palladium is a precious metal that isn’t new to the fine jewelry scene, but may be finally getting its due.  In use by jewelers since 1939, palladium is a stunning choice for the chic, yet budget-conscious buyer.


If you’re well acquainted with the fine jewelry market, then you know that white precious metals are incredibly popular.  White gold and platinum are two of these metals that attract the most fine jewelry buyers. Sterling silver is a popular choice for more moderately priced jewelry. Palladium is icy in color, a gorgeous brilliant white.  It’s a member of the platinum family of precious metals, which means it is every bit as durable and strong as platinum sans the heavy bulk.

Its low density makes palladium the ideal choice for those who love big, bold designs in their jewelry.  Whether a wide cuff bracelet, a daring oversized pendant, or a chunky and fashion-forward ring — palladium is a great precious metal choice.  One need not sacrifice comfort for cutting edge fashion.

Already palladium is seen on the glamorous catwalks and red carpets of the world, around the necks, wrists, and fingers of the hottest celebrities and fashion models – both men and women.


Palladium is stunning as fine jewelry, but part of its appeal is its affordability.  In an unstable economy, investors run to precious metals for safety, sending the price of gold and platinum into the stratosphere.

Have a look at the precious metals market any given day, and you’ll see that the market price of palladium is often less than half the price of gold or platinum. Add in it’s lighter weight and it becomes a real bargain. You get the durability of platinum and the gorgeous look of gold, all without the steep price point.


Palladium jewelry maintenance is about as easy as it gets.  A little jewelry cleaner and a buff with a soft cloth are all that is needed to keep your palladium piece looking great.


Palladium is clearly a great choice for anyone who enjoys stunning fine jewelry with carefree maintenance and a lower price point than its competitor metal, platinum.

If you’re wondering why you’re just hearing about palladium now, it’s because it used to be somewhat difficult for jewelers to work with, so many jewelers steered clear of it.  However, a new state of the art alloy now makes it possible for most fine jewelry designers to work in palladium just as easily as they work in other precious metals. More and more designers are now designing in the metal.

Palladium Alliance International, the palladium trade organization, is doing its best to raise awareness and the profile of palladium. They’re multi-million dollar national media campaign has been running all year with the tagline “I’m So Over Heavy Metal” and features celebrities connected to the heavy metal music scene – Pamela Anderson, Kelly Osbourne, and Rose McGowan. If they continue to be successful, expect to hear more about this exciting jewelry option in the future.

Author: Lauren Bennett is a fashion devotee and an editor at She lives for fashion, and is particularly obsessed with accessories including jewelry, shoes, and purses.

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