Project Runway Canada

Evan Biddell: Winner of Project Runway Season 1

Project Runway Canada is a reality competition show on television for fashion designers. Two seasons of the episodes have already been aired. First season was aired on Slice network from October 8, 2007 to December 12, 2007 (11 episodes) while second season on Global network from January 27, 2009 to April 14, 2009 (12 episodes). Model Iman hosted the series and designer Brian Bailey works as contestants’ mentor. The other two judges were Shawn Hewson and Rita Silvan. The winners of first and second seasons were Evan Biddell and Sunny Fong, respectively. The prize for first season was $100,000 to start a fashion line along with a portfolio photo-shoot with L’Oreal Paris. Winning model Ashley Heart also got spreading by Elle Canada magazine. The second season winner was also awarded with $100,000 to start his own fashion line along with a portfolio photo-shoot with L’Oreal Paris. This time winning model Victoria got featured in ELLE, Canada.

Sunny Fong: Winner of Project Runway Canada Season 2

The concept of Project Runway was formulated in an American reality television series “Project Runway ” which is hosted by famous model Heidi Klum. Its five episode was telecast on Bravo network and all coming episodes on Lifetime Television. Project Runway has completed 9 episodes. Project Runway Canada was also based on same concept. It focuses on fashion designs here fashion designers compete with each other to create best clothes in restricted time, materials and theme. Each week the designs are judges and one or more designers are eliminated at the end of each week.

Season 3 of the Project Runway Canada is awaited as it stopped after telecast of Season 2.

The Project Runway Canada episode videos can be seen at following YouTube channel.

Following were the fashion designers (and models) participated in the Project Runway Canada Season 1 and 2.

Twelve fashion designers of Project Runway Canada Season 1

  1. Evan Biddell (23-years-old from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan)
  2. Lincoln Cheung (26-years-old from Montreal, Quebec)
  3. Marie Genevieve Cyr (25-years-old from Montreal, Quebec)
  4. Sofia Duncan (34-years-old from Ottawa, Ontario)
  5. Megan Fischer (25-years-old from Calgary, Alberta)
  6. Kendra Francis (35-years-old from Toronto, Ontario)
  7. Darin Hartmann (43-years-old from Bashaw, Alberta)
  8. Michael Hatley (25-years-old from Toronto, Ontario)
  9. Lucian Matis (27-years-old from Toronto, Ontario)
  10. Shernett Swaby (30-years-old from Toronto, Ontario)
  11. Carlie Wong (22-years-old from Vancouver, British Columbia)
  12. Stephen Wong (38-years-old from Toronto, Ontario)

Twelve models of Project Runway Canada Season 1

  1. Shandel Chakalall (24-years-old)
  2. Lauren Cummins (24-years-old)
  3. Shani Feldman (27-years-old)
  4. Ashley Hart (19-years-old)
  5. Renée Holford (25-years-old)
  6. Amanda La Magna (17-years-old)
  7. Joelle Litt (25-years-old)
  8. Chanel Michaels (26-years-old)
  9. Jessica Romano (22-years-old)
  10. Jaclyn Vens (18-years-old)
  11. Drea Vujovic (23-years-old)
  12. Gigi Young (22-years-old)

Twelve fashion designers of Project Runway Canada Season 2

  1. Adejoké Taiwo (from Calgary)
  2. Baylor Orlando (from Montreal)
  3. Brandon R. Dwyer (from Barrie)
  4. Camille Prins (from Toronto)
  5. Christie Clayton (from Vancouver)
  6. Danio Frangella (from LaSalle; deceased)
  7. Genevieve Graham (from Vancouver)
  8. Jaclyn Murray (from Winnipeg)
  9. Jason Meyers (from Hamilton)
  10. Jeff MacKinnon (from Toronto)
  11. Jessica Biffi (from Toronto)
  12. Kim Cathers (from Vancouver)
  13. Margarita Voultsos (from Montreal)
  14. Sunny Fong (from Toronto)

 Twelve models of Project Runway Canada Season 2

  1. Tori Leach
  2. Alissa
  3. Ashley
  4. Stephanie
  5. Gabrielle
  6. Jasmine
  7. Ramata
  8. Elise
  9. Cathy
  10. Alix
  11. Lauren
  12. Alyson

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