Simple tips on how to take body measurements

Body Measurements are much essential for women whether she is a model or other professional or a common lady. Since you are often asked in daily routine, thus you need to have your body statistics in place always. For the models, body measurements are supremely vital. Models are asked for this almost daily whenever they go out for searching the work or they are roped in any assignment. Modeling work is based around the body statistics of the women. As per the body measurements, the women are assigned the works. Now the question emerges here as to how they can be taken? Below mentioned are the methods which are used in taking the body statistics.

Tools Required

For taking the measurements, a cloth tape, string piece, pencil, paper and a mirror are required.

Measuring the Boob Size

Stand facing the mirror being clad with the routine bra. Wrap the tape around your back and then bring forward to your bust. Now see the mirror if you got the apt straight line. Check the number and then write it on the paper. This is your breast or bust size.

Waist Size

Using a string, you can get the waist size very easily. Take the string and then tie it in a manner that it gets snug but make sure it stays comfortable around your waist. Now begin bending to each side, this way the string would make move to natural waistline. Don’t hold or pull your breath inside while you measure rather be relax.

Measuring the Hip

By standing with the feet together, you can take the hip measurements by wrapping the tape around your full hip. Check the number and write it on the paper.

Well, now all your required body measurements are ready and you can use them wherever you go for work.

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