Six Celebrity Beauty Trends You Really DON’T Want To Follow

Do you remember Mimi on the Drew Cary Show and that horrid electric blue eye shadow she wore? I call it “garage door blue” because when her eyes closed it was like watching a garage door slowly swing shut. Women have been putting blue on their eyelids since the Egyptians discovered it and is still one of the worst trends you can follow.

Worse still, who can ever forget the Mullet? Billy Ray Cyrus comes to mind with his business at the front/party at the back haircut. This style should never rear its ugly head again. These trends are just two that you do not want to follow, no matter who you are. And here’s just a few more:

The perm.

Ghastly, kinky, and smelly, at one time everyone had to have a home perm. They fried your hair and made you look as though you dropped your blow dryer in the bathtub. In the 80s, people like Jon Bon Jovi had perms so you don’t have to.

Dressing as a child’s stuffed animal.

Why would any sane adult wear a stuffed toy animal on their head and call it a hat? Oh, I just realized; the operative word here is sane. (yes, I’m talking to you Snoop Dogg)

Hello Kitty:Need I say more?

If you are over the age of five and are wearing Hello Kitty adornments, then please, by all means do not forget your stuffed frog hat. Despite the fact that people like Megan Fox, Hayden Panettiere and even Lady Gaga have been seen with Hello Kitty accessories, you are an adult so you don’t have to.

Leg Warmers
These were the rage in the 80’s and the movie Flashdance seemed to push them onto the fashion scene. They deserve to be left there, in the past where they belong.


Ugh! Uggs are the ugliest boot ever. What do you you wear with them? Anything obviously as people are seen wearing them with shorts, skirts, long pants including jeans and jogging pants, with the cuff being tucked in the top of the ugly boots. Just because people like Anne Hathway, Lindsay Lohan and Mischa Barton have worn them doesn’t mean you have to. Please make ugly Uggs go away.

Big Puffy Lips

It is perfectly understandable to want that pouty Angelina Jolie mouth but when does it stop? There seems to be a race among celebrities to see who can add the most filler to their lips the and have the biggest of them all (Yes, Ms Meg Ryan, I’m looking at you).

It seems that when a famous actress hits 40, then she gets her lips done. Well, this is one 40th birthday idea you don’t want to try. Particularly, as you can get the same look free from a bee sting.

This list only covers six beauty trends you do not want to follow. But there loads more things celebrities do that you don’t want to copy. I could list a meat dress, booty shorts, bra shirts, and going pant less. I could mention tiny dresses and no undergarments, feather dresses and fur skirts, juicy suits, and Ed Hardy clothing; half shaved heads and black everything, but as it is I have brought six big ones to your attention. Just remember to be yourself, be happy in your skin and heaven help us do not copy everything you see.

About The Author: Karen Greene is a blogger and writer for Find Me A Gift Ltd – home to personalised gift ideas and unusual gifts of all types. She is proud to say she has never worn Ugg boots.

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