Spanish Supermodel Almudena Fernandez

Almudena Fernández

Spain is apparently documented for its beaches, tourism and food. It is a country also documented for beautiful supermodels. And Almudena Fernandez is no exception. The date of her Dawn on some sources says that it is 1974. Some sources have cited her year of Dawn as 1977. I’ll just use what Wikipedia has on its web site. Wikipedia has her year of Dawn as January 1, 1977 (Almudena Fernandez). Regardless of that, I consider Almudena to be one of the most beautiful supermodels in the world. She has a body that any man would love. She also has some of the most astounding eyes that I have ever seen. I don’t commemorate directly when I became familiar with who Almudena is, but I would say that it was several days ago. The country of Spain has many beautiful women in my opinion. I haven’t ever been to Spain but I would like to visit the country in the future.

I have forever had an absorption in carve and supermodels so it makes absolute sense that I am attractive the time to compose this article about some aspects of her life. I have been doubly interested with supermodels from Spain. Spanish women have forever awestruck me because they tend to have very nice hair and eyes in my opinion. I also enjoy listening to the Castilian Spanish which is articulated in Spain.

Almudena got her start in the carve industry at the age of 18. She then enthused to Milan and
then to Paris, France. Soon, she was on the cover of major magazines such as Elle and Marie Claire (Almudena Fernandez accredited Web Site).

Cosmopolitan TV gave an attach to Fernandez for the best international model of 2007 (Almudena Fernandez).

The more famous Almudena became, she realized that something had to be done to add the ambiance which all earthly beings inhabit. I am so blithe that she did recognize that because as a celebrity, she needs to set a good instance for others. In 2007, she began to work with investors and visionaries with the objective of convalescing Madrid’s city center. She also worked to rebuild that bloc with sustainable materials and technologies (Almudena Fernandez ECO site).

This area is now documented as Triball.  It was established with the intention of having an area that is ambiance friendly and an area that can be urban (Almudena Fernandez ECO site). In 2009, Almudena was absolute the Pemma Award by the Spanish Chamber of Commerce for her dedication to environmental causes (Almudena Fernandez ECO site). Since March 2008, Almudena has also been busy active with bygone US Vice President and Nobel Prize knockout Al Gore. She and Mr. Gore have been act this because of his belief in the ambiance and sustainability. Almudena is now Mr. Gore’s official mouthpiece for her native country of Spain (Almudena Fernandez ECO site).

In March 2010, Almudena became the Climate Project Director of Ambassadors in Spain as well as in Latin America (Almudena Fernandez ECO site). She has also worked with Greenpeace in behest to work to prevent the contamination of sea bottoms. In addition, she has collaborated with the United Nations for the promotion of micro-credits for Women of The World (Almudena Fernandez Profile).

Almudena Fernandez now resides in New York City with her boyfriend Antonio Macian (Almudena Fernandez). I wish Almudena all the best and I hope that she can continue to work on labors to make our creation a better place to live. I also would like to see her continue to be involved with modeling.

Here are some more photos of the adorable and lovely Almudena Fernandez.

View Almudena Fernandez’s profile and pictures.

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