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Miss Earth is one of the 3 major international beauty pageants. One of its main aims is to promote environmental awareness. Because of this it is one of the most publicized beauty contests in the world. The current title holder is Olga Alava from Ecuador; she was crowned in the 11th edition of the pageant. Vietnam will be the host this year and in even-numbered years up until 2020, Thailand will be the host next year.
Miss Earth is the youngest of the 3 major international beauty pageants. It was founded in 2001 by Carousel Productions with the important purpose to shed a light upon the environment preservation problem. The titleholders usually spend their years involved in international environmental causes, also tree planting ceremonies, tours and sponsor visits. They are also the spokespersons of the Miss Earth Foundation and other organizations, such as UNEP (United Nations Environment Programme).

The slogan of the contest “beauties for a cause” was adopted in 2001 and in 2003 the 1st “beauty for a cause” prize was awarded.

Since its beginning the contest is annually held in the Philippines, in October or November. It is broadcasted in more than 80 countries since every year more and more countries are willing to participate and not just to observe.
In 2008 the Miss Earth Foundation started an interesting initiative- an eco-friendly design competition for professional and non-professional designers. They were given a chance to show off with their outfits made from recyclable materials. The outfits could be both runway worthy only or everyday.

An interesting fact is that in the pre-judging session the contestants face the judges for an interview without make-up where they speak about their personal thoughts on environment preservation. Evening gown and swimsuit competitions are also present, but not the main part as in other pageants. Because Miss Earth is more about finding a woman that is not only physically beautiful but also knowledgeable regarding environmental issues.

Olga Alava: Miss Earth 2011

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