Tips for Becoming a Good Runway Male Model

How to be a male runway model is what we find the majority of the struggling male models would love to know about. Although the women dominate the modeling scene, but the fashion industry has vast opportunities for the male to sink into and make their careers in. The male models, as is the notion is that they do not earn as much as their female counterparts do, nonetheless earn a lot.

Runway modeling has numerous rather big opportunities for the males. Below are few of the useful tips for the male models if they want to be a runway model.

First judge yourself that you have sufficient qualities to be a male runaway model. It is seen that majority of the male runway models have the height in between 5’11” and 6’2″.

The male models weigh around 140 and 165 lbs.

The body structure of a male model should be thin and smart.

If you don’t possess a strong yet thin body structure, the designers would not want to display their clothes on you and this is not your career at all then.

Make a good attractive portfolio to have work. The portfolio has to have your head shots and the shots should also highlight your whole body frame.

You need to study how to do the runway walk/ See the runway models as to how they walk.


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