Top 5 SuperModels of All Time

A lot of (catty and insecure) women use the word supermodel as a derogative term, implying that the word is tantamount with animal too skinny or otherwise unhealthy. These chicks also get afire when they hear that a famous celebrity has gone fat is now covered in cellulite.

I’m no supermodel — but, neither am I insecure. Why should I say caustic things about a creature who was born to be gorgeously gorgeous? I’m companionable with for in my opinion and my air and I don’t need to destroy women who are more beautiful than for in my opinion to get my self-esteem up — and one of the ways women seem to bond these days is by doing correctly that.

Yes, some of today’s supermodels are very skinny and unhealthy — but the majority of women I see who fit this account are not models, but comparatively Hollywood actresses and socialites. Regardless, the real supermodel era was during the 90s, and those women were not too skinny — they were curvy, sexy and hawt. That habit is still approved on today, by plenty of supermodels, so I’ve incorporated examples from both then and now on this list. Obviously these are my own personal faves; this list has nothing to do with who made the most money or who was the most famous.

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