Vera Wang to exhibit bridal and ready-to-wear collections at Shanghai Fashion Week

Fashion Weeks run almost in every country of the world since fashion is what followed crazily by all and sundry. Every soul cannot live without adopting the fashion trends and when the media is wide, you cannot even breathe without the fashion trends going on everywhere in your surroundings.

Although fashion weeks are seen in every corner of the world, but there are certain cities in the globe which are famous for the Fashion Weeks and every year, the fiestas are held with such aplomb and sparkles that one cannot help extracting fuller joys from.

The fashion weeks like Paris Fashion Week, London Fashion Week, New York Fashion Week, Milan Fashion Week and Mumbai Fashion Week are what every eye gets fixed and focused on them. Well, there is another fashion week which gets the world’s attention and that is none other than Shanghai Fashion Week.

Shanghai Fashion Week is ready with the socks up to ignite the fashionistas and the entire fashion industry. Where the renowned brands will participate with their labels, a world renowned brand which is quite popular among Hollywood celebrities Vera Wang too is all geared up with its labels to showcase there. She will exhibit her bridal and ready-to-wear collections over there on October, 19th.

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