White Bridesmaid Dresses – Tips and Ideas

Ever since Pippa Middleton made her appearance at the Royal Wedding last spring, white bridesmaid dresses have been a growing trend. They are a very pretty idea for a summer wedding – so fresh and light. Check out these tips and ideas on how to make white bridesmaid dresses work beautifully.

Think Ethereal:

While Pippa’s dress was a showstopper, few women have the figure to pull off wearing a white dress that shows everything. Spanx can only do so much! However, bridesmaids of all shapes and sizes will look heavenly in softly floating dresses with an ethereal flavor. Layered white chiffon bridesmaid dresses would be absolutely stunning for an outdoor wedding. Or for more of a woodland fairy effect, look at long white cotton dresses made from whisper thin organdy. They will be breezy and comfortable, even on the hottest summer day. Nature-inspired bridesmaid jewelry would be an ideal accent to play up the woodsy style.

Find Contrast:

The key to pulling off white bridesmaid dresses is to make sure that they contrast with the bride’s attire in some way. The last thing any bride wants is to blend in with her own attendants, after all! What made Pippa’s white bridesmaid dress work so well is that it was far simpler in detail and silhouette than her sister’s bridal gown. That same principle is easy to apply for a non-royal wedding. If the bride wears a dress with a full skirt while her bridesmaids have slender A-line dresses, there will be no question of the bride getting lost in the crowd. At the same time, you can have some consistency by choosing dresses made from a similar weight of fabric. For example, if the bridesmaids were wearing white chiffon frocks, the bride would look fantastic in a frothy full skirted tulle gown. Naturally, the bride would choose her dress before selecting dresses for her bridesmaids to wear.

Check for Opacity:

When shopping for white bridesmaid dresses, be careful to inspect them in bright light. This is especially true if you will be having an outdoor ceremony or reception, because sunlight can make a white dress look almost see-through. Brides need to think about opacity for their own gowns, of course, but the typical bridal gown is far more heavily constructed and well lined than the average bridesmaid dress. If you fall in love with a style that will be too revealing in direct light, either consider choosing a darker color or have your bridesmaids wear slips under their dresses.

Choosing Accessories:

There are many options for accessorizing white bridesmaid dresses. Delicate silver bridesmaid jewelry would be a lovely choice. Another idea is to select sets of bridesmaid jewelry in a color to brighten up their white dresses. Turquoise or coral colored crystals would be fun summery choices. Metallic sandals will look beautiful with the dresses, whatever kind of jewelry you choose. As for flowers, a bouquet with pretty colors in it will help prevent your bridesmaids from resembling brides. Pale pinks and apricots would be lovely, or go for something vivid like bright orange blossoms. In the end, your bridal party is sure to look stunning.

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