Why Stripes Are Always Great In The Summer

Stripes are great for all seasons, and are a timeless clothing pattern, but summer is undoubtedly the best time for pulling out those stripy clothes – or even the best excuse for buying a whole bunch of new ones!

Go Colorful

A colorful stripy top or accessory can exude summer, because, as we all know, it is great to wear colorful clothes in the summertime and anything with stripes by default has to have more than one color in it! There are loads of color schemes available in the shops, ranging from those on the more vivid end of the spectrum, such as rainbow and neon, to much more neutral tones such as shades of blues, greys and pinks. Colored stripes go great with a pair of plain-colored shorts or jeans too, meaning that you don’t need to get a whole new wardrobe to feel summery. Instead of having to choose a plain old one-colored top to go with those shorts, why not try a stripy vest-top?


If you want to add some color and style to your wardrobe without wearing a colorful top, why not try accessorizing with stripes? There are a huge variety of accessories, including bracelets, hairbands, scarves, bags and shoes in the shops that are beautifully made with striped patterns. If you don’t want something too bright, try a neutral color scheme – cream and pale orange is a great one at the moment, or perhaps you prefer the classic white and pale blue? If you’re looking for something to add some variety while remaining perfect for a smart outfit, try stripes in shades of grey! Alternatively, many of the big brands are really getting into the theme of neon this year, and you might be able to find yourself a great bright accessory, should that be what you desire.

Stripes and Your Figure

Most of us feel as though we have put on at least a little winter-weight after Christmas, and therefore stripping off those layers for the summer doesn’t always feel that appealing. But did you know that horizontal stripes can do wonders for your figure? As well as emphasizing your waist-shape, they make your whole torso appear slimmer than it is, creating a great ego-boosting illusion. As well, a bikini or swimsuit in colorful stripes often keeps the attention away from the rest of the body, making you feel confident when you are sitting by the pool.
Don’t forget to add stripes to your wardrobe and you’ll never be wondering what to wear on a nice day to make you feel good about the weather and your body! Whether it be a top, shorts, a skirt, shoes or accessories, always make sure that you’ve got something bright, colorful, and appealing to look at somewhere on your person.

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