Badgley Mischka’s Charm

Hollywood stars are surely familiar and love Badgley Mischka. It’s been more than two decades now that the duo designers, Mark Badgley and James Mischka have made their path in the world of glamorous fashion world as they manage to win the hearts of worldwide celebrities and famous people. The main design of Badgley Mischka is for those graceful women who don’t want to appear too old to wear the glamorous, sexy evening dresses. On the other hand, women in forties will really feel to start their lives over when they wear the magnificent designs of Badgley Mischka.

For those fashion lovers, they can easily notice the main character of Badgley Mischka design. Its streamline is emphasizing on the elegant, yet simple feature in which it turns out to be the main signature of these duo designers’ design. Surely it is supported with high class fabrics with elaborate, delicate hand made sewing which make all outfits from Badgley Mischka more exclusive and they manage to maintain the elaborate masterpiece so far so that their designs remain stand out from other fashion designers.

Both Badgley and Mischka didn’t take fashion field of study on their bachelor degrees. Badgley was enrolling in business classes while Mischka was engaged seriously on biomedical engineering. They met at New York city and enrolled fashion class only a year at Parson University before both of them seriously started their passion at fashion in the city of fashion. They began their own collaboration in 1988 as they were working with different persons on their graduation year in 1985. Badgley was working with Donna Karan and Jackie Rogers while Mischka became an assistant designer on Williwear.

Their collaboration remains the darlings of those high class people throughout the world and the outfits  designed by Badgley and Mischka turn out to be the most favorite ones for high class fashion magazines. Almost all celebrities from Brooke Shields to Meryl Streep are their main clients.

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