Fashion Designer: Ana Molinari

Ana Molinari was born in the 50’s in Capri, Italy. Her mother was a teacher and also a huge inspiration for young Ana. Her mother was the first to teach her some sewing techniques and push her into following her passion of making clothes.

Ana and her husband GianpaoloTarabini established a label in 1977. It was called Blumarine. During the first years of her company’s life, Ana produced mainly knitwear. A selection of her old knitwear produces remains to this day in collections throughout the years. Later on, Ana Molinari started producing a more edgy and romantic at the same time clothes. This happened under the influence of her colleague behind Moshino. Sheer fabrics and sexy designs became more and more common and soon Ana was experimenting with new, brief hemlines. In the Modit in Milan in 1980, Blumarine debuted. In 1986, a collection by Ana Molinari made it to Milan and the road to success was fully paved.
In 1987 Miss Blumarine was born, it was a new girl’s collection that harnessed further the potential of the designs of Ana Molinari. In 1988 Blumarine became a joint-stock company and was renamed to Blufin. The opening of the first single-brand boutique followed soon after and Blufin became more popular than ever.

In 1995 a new line joined Blumarine. The line “Ana Molinari”, designed by the daughter of Ana- RossellaTarabini introduced more style and femininity to her mother’s brand. Along with innovation and boldness, Rossella also contributed to the Blumarine brand by making it more diverse than ever and expanding profit. The same year that Rosella joined the Blumarineempire, Blugirl was born. This was a ready-to-wear line designed by Ana Molinari herself. It aimed at girls and young women and once again, joy and romance were the key words behind the line. In 2002 Blugirl debuted in Milano, which brought further acclaim to the whole Blumarine brand and its creator-Ana Molinari.

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