Fashion designer: Angel Sanchez

Angel Sanchez is a Venezuelan fashion designer, quite famous with a lot of nowadays celebrities.
Angel was captured with fashion ever since childhood. He grew up, learning the trade from his mother, who owned an atelier. Surrounded by fabrics, patterns and designs, the young Angel quickly picked up the basic skills, needed to become a tailor. The inspiration he drew from his mother’s devotion and talent also served him as an immense inspiration for years to come.
In 1987, after two years of being an architect, Angel decided to return to his main passion-designing. After deciding this will be his occupation for life, he quickly gained popularity in his native Venezuela and the whole of Latin America. Due to this immense success, an expansion followed in 1997, when the company decided to branch itself and open an office in New York City. This important step opened a whole new market for him, bringing him even more popularity and money. His bridal collection debuted in 1999 and received huge media attention. This gave him the confidence to introduce a second collection in New York-his evening gowns. This further solidified his reputation as a top designer in the US as well as in Latin America.
Nowadays the main strengths of Angel Sanchez are his bridal and evening gowns. The designer still manages to somehow combine successfully the old ways of dressmaking with new, bold colors and modern designs. Architectural and elegant, his dresses never fail to intrigue with something new and never seen before.
In 2005 Sanchez designed a wedding gown for Sandra Bullock and an Emmy Awards dress for Eva Longoria. Many other female stars followed the example of these two and soon there was a red carpet sighting of Angels designs each year.
The Angel Sanchez brand has done nothing but expand in the last 20 years and his collections of bridal and evening dresses are available in the best department stores worldwide.

Designs by Angel Sanchez

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