Fashion designer: Bill Blass

Bill Blass is a popular name in the American fashion world mainly due to his wearable clothing in times when in was hard to find it. He was born in Fort Wayne, Indiana on June the 22nd 1922. His most famous trait is experimentation in introduction of new textures and patterns. Due to this, he has been awarded with many awards for his innovative and outstanding for its time designs. Awards such as: the “Coty Award” (which was granted to him 7 times) and a Lifetime Achievement Award from the “Fashion Institute of Technology”.
William Ralph Blass was the only son of a travelling hardware salesman that died from his own hands when young William was only 5 years old. After which, he and his sister (Virginia Mae) were under the cares of their mother- Ethyl Easter Keyser, who was a dressmaker. His mother’s crafting skills were of much use to him later on, because only at 15 he began selling his first dresses to a New York manufacturer for 25 dollars each. He was saving the money for his fashion education. By the time he was 17 he had enough and moved to Manhattan. He quickly picked up the know-how and was the first male to win “Mademoiselle’s Design for Loving award”. With his salary of 30 dollars a week he endulged himself with expensive meals, clothes and shoes.
In 1942, when the war came, Blass enlisted in the army and was assigned to the 603rd camouflage battalion along with many other creative people. They were literally decoys for the German army, using fake tanks and recordings to fool the enemy.
After his war duties were over, Blass started his New York career. It was 1946 and he was the protégé of Baron De Gunzburg. By 1970 he was able to establish his name in the fashion world and around 1960 he was ready to expand his business with swimwear, perfumes, chocolate and even luggage. By 1998 his company was a 700-million-a-year business.

Designs and logo of Bill Blass

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