Fashion Designer: Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein is one of the biggest names in the fashion world and is this way for several decades now.
The famous designer was born on the 19th of November 1942 in Bronx, New York. He discovered his one and only passion at an early age and has pursued it ever since. He comes from a middle-class family and is of Jewish and Hungarian descent, his parents were immigrants. When Calvin was still a kid he would practice sewing and sketching techniques instead of playing sports with the other kids from his neighborhood. His parents were wondering where did he get the interest or the skills from, neither of them were into fashion. Though they didn’t understand their son’s passion for this kind of trade they supported him and were happy to watch him get better and better.

Young Calvin received his education in High School of Industrial art in New York; he then won a spot in the famous and prestigious Fashion Institute of technology where he was received at the age of 20 that made him the youngest student there. After his graduation, Calvin became an apprentice of a cloak and suit manufacturer, while designing clothes for New York shops for 5 years.

But Klein didn’t want to spend his life designing clothes all his life so in 1968 he found a sponsor (a childhood friend of his) and launched his own brand. Calvin Klein Ltd. sold only coats at first but after a buyer from Bonwit Teller spotted his designs he immediately ordered coats worth 50,000 dollars. This was a small debut for Klein.

From there on, Klein became much more confident and popularity came too. He started producing sportswear, lingerie and blazers. Always a minimalist, Klein soon became extremely popular in New York and even won an extremely prestigious award, the Coty American Fashion Critics’ Award.
Calvin Klein soon grew to a huge company that made 30 million in worldwide profit by 1977. The products Klein sold expanded to scarves, shoes, furs, sheets and sunglasses. The growth continued and the 1980’s proved to be particularly successful.

Not all stayed pink however, bankruptcy threatened Klein in 1992, the company was saved but in 1999 Klein announced that he is planning on selling his company. In 2002 Phillips Van Heusen bought the fashion house for 400 million in cash.

Photo Gallery (Designs and logo of Calvin Klein)

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