Fashion designer Christian Lacroix

Christian Lacroix

The French fashion designer was born on the 16th of May of 1951 in Arles, southern France. As most now famous fashion designers he also began to show interest in fashion from an early age. He started sketching historical costumes at first, a passion he developed through the years. A passion that has greatly influenced his designs and it shows.

Lacroix graduated from high school in 1969 and then started studying in the University of Montpellier, Art History was his choice. In 1971 he decided to deepen his knowledge and went to the Sorbone in Paris. His main aim was to become a curator in a museum. During these years he met his wife- Françoise Rosenthiel and they married in 1974.

By 1987 Christian Lacroix had seen he craves for a more artistic career and decided to pursue the career of a fashion designer. In 1987 he opened his very own couture house.  He drew aspiration from different cultures and soon was ready with his first ready-to-wear clothing. Business was booming, only two years after he opened his first couture house. Several more followed- in Paris, London, Geneva and even in Japan. Critics blamed him for not understanding the needs of working class women, but it seemed it was quite the opposite. Lacroix greatly favored handmade matters, sometimes even experimental fabrics. You could really see the variety in his folklore- inspired designs. Though his collections were not always profitable (in 2008 there was a 10 million loss recorded) he didn’t care and continued making his odd, fantasy clothes.

Aside from his couture Lacroix has been often collaborating with different people and companies. His “Rouge” (a perfume created for “Avon”) was a rather big success. Interior design work is also a part of his CV, including the completion of French landmark hotels such as: Hotel Le Petit Moulin, Le Notre Dame Hotel and the Hotel Bellechasse. A wide variety of shoes under the name of the famous designer have also been proud creations of his.

Designs by fashion designer Christian Lacroi

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