Fashion Designer: Christian Louboutin

Christian Louboutin was born in Paris in 1963. From an early age he was fascinated with ladies’ shoes and from the age of 12 would often sneak out of school to visit a flea market called Vila do Conde, where he would draw inspiration. Another passion of his was watching showgirls perform, examining their movements and making some valuable conclusions based on the way they moved and the way their shoes looked and ‘behaved’. This inspired young

Christian further until he decides to drop out of school to pursue his dream of making shoes.

His first training as a young designer Louboutin received at the AcademieRoederer. There, he consumed some valuable knowledge on decorative arts and drawing. But he wasn’t made for sitting at one place. He wanted to explore, to travel. He left for Egypt and returned after a year with a portfolio full of new, brave designs that quickly drew attention. His talent was noticed and not before long he was a freelancer, hired by fashion houses such as Yves Saint Laurent and Chanel. At one time Louboutin even had the pleasure of working with FoliesBerges- the famous French music hall.

In 1988 Louboutin started collaboration with Roger Vivier- the Faberge of footwear, who has worked with Dior in the 50’s. During this collaboration, Christian mastered shoemaking and together, the two of them invented the stiletto or spike heel.

Christian Louboutin launched his own atelier in the early 1990’s. His collections were remembered with the bright colors and exotic designs. He often uses (and uses to this day) feathers, exotic leather and jewel encrusted straps in his designs. Not only did Louboutin astonish with his brave designs but he also introduced the 12cm heel and popularized the stiletto.

Christian Louboutin designs are unique and always a sign of well-being and style. A mix of art, culture and history in the form of shoes.

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