Fashion designer: Donna Karan

Donna Karan is a 63-year-old American designer born on October the 2nd 1948 in Forest Hills, Queens, USA. However, she grew up in Woodmere, Long Island, New York with her mother, who was a model and a stepfather, who was a tailor. She is the creator of the famous brand “DNKY”.
At the fragile age of 14 Donna started selling her very own clothing on Cedarhurst, the Central Avenue of New York. She pursued her passion for design further and went to Parsons School of Design where she spent 2 years studying. After which she left and began work for Anne Klein. Eventually, Donna became head of the design team of Anne Klein’s designs. Karan remained there until 1985 where she gathered knowledge and experience. Afterwards she launched her own designs and later on- a successful brand.
Karan was ready with her first collection in 1985. The emerging designer became famous with her “Essentials” line, which was based on only 7 pieces of clothing that could be combined with each other and thus create an integrated wardrobe. An interesting fact is that Karan has always stated that the clothes she’d design would be also worn by her, like lycra tights and jersey dresses.
DKNY was invented by Donna Karan (or, as she is nicknamed- The Queen of Seventh Avenue) for young women and was less expensive. Two years later came her “DKNY Jeans” and afterwards- DKNY for men.
In 2008 PETA launched a campaign against Karan and the fur in her designs. After several protests that drew a lot of media attention, Karan announced that she will not be using fur in her 2009 collections and doesn’t intend to use it again in the future. This calmed things down, until her 2010 fall collection came out, along with fur jackets and vests. New PETA demonstrations followed and a denial from Karan’s side of using any fur at all. New fur-inspired collections followed in 2011 and this time an Indian yoga master- B.K.S. Iyengar wrote on behalf of himself and PETA to Donna, asking her to stop using fur, especially the one from rabbits.

Designs and logo of Donna Karan

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