Fashion designer: Franco Moschino

Franco Moschino was born in 1950 in the little industrial town Abbiategrasso, which is near Milan. From an early age he showed interest in art, he used to draw as a child and often make patterns in the dust deposits on the floor of his father’s iron foundry. His father died when he was only 4, leaving him and his mother alone.

In 1967 Franco entered the Accademia di Belle Arte in Milan. To earn money for his education he started doing fashion designs and commissions for fashion magazines. This drew him a little to the fashion world and he continued doing it until graduating in 1971.
After receiving his artist education, he was spotted by Gianni Versace and worked for him from 1971 to 1977. Moschino made drawing for the publicity campaigns of Versace.

After spending some time in the Versace fashion house and making some connections he was offered a position as a designer in the Italian fashion house Cadette. He remained there until 1982, working as a freelance designer in the meantime.

In 1983 Moschino felt it was the time to launch his own brand. He founded a company under the name of Moonshadow and launched the Moschino couture. His first runway show was crowded with Milan’s most famous and wildest and his show was a huge success, making the well-known and established Italian designers green with envy. Franco’s creations were bold and provocative and quickly won admirers both in Italy and worldwide.

Business began growing, so did the name of Moschino. In 1986 the first mens collection was launched, in 1988 the Cheap and Chic collection was introduced. In 1989 the famous designer opened his first boutique.
Franco Moschino died at the age of 44 from a heart-attack in 1994. His company however, remained strong under the management of a close friend of his- Rosella Jardini who him in 1981.

Designs and logo of Franco Moschino

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