Fashion designer: Karl Lagerfeld

Karl Lagerfeld is of German origin and from a wealthy family. He was born in Hamburg in 1938. In 1952 he went to Paris to study fashion, he studied informally however. That was until he won a prize from the Wool Secretariat in 1954 for a coat made of wool (the same prize was won by Yves Saint Laurent but for a dress).

The first job that Karl took after educating him a little and winning the prestigious prize was for Pierre Balmain. In 1958 a better position introduced itself; it was in the House of Patou. After that Lagerfeld became a freelancer for a while. That was until another great opportunity came out. Chloe offered the talented designer a position in 1959 and ended up spending there 19 years. During this period of his professional life he began working for Fendi too. Like many other designers he also decided to launch his own brand, it was called Parfums Lagerfeld. His greatest success however came with the position he took in Chanel as a designer. This was the greatest approval for his talent. Currently Karl Lagerfeld designs for his own company, Chanel and Fendi (for which he works with furs).

Lagerfeld developed his signature line with the help of many sketches. He is famous for his dramatic and structured women’s wear that never fails to be diverse. His trademark is the use of black and white outfits. He himself almost always tries to wear black and white clothing, combining the different elements in sometimes unusual but always interesting ways. Karl is not only famous for his innovative and never boring combinations of black and white designs but also with featuring the “Wunderbra” and “Wundecorset” in 1994.

Aside from his fashion designs Lagerfeld is also a professional photographer. He often shoots his own press photos and has been known to shoot for magazines too. Due to this he is often called “Kaiser Karl” by the press.

Designs by Karl Lagerfeld

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