Fashion designer: Kenneth Cole

Kenneth Cole is a Jewish and American fashion designer born March 23rd 1954 in Brooklyn, New York. His father, Charles Cole, owned a shoe company called “El Greco”. Because of this the young Cole was somewhat obliged to learn the craft and start participating in the family business. Later on, he founded his very own company, this happened in 1982. Long after his graduation (in 1976) from “Emory College of Arts and Sciences”, which was part of the famous “Emory University”.
As we mentioned, Kenneth Cole started his business by founding his own shoe company, but this was just the beginning for the designer. He soon expanded his designs to men’s and women’s clothes, footwear, perfumes and of course maintained the shoe production. In 1994 he went public and was even in the “Forbes” list of 200 best small companies four times. After successfully introducing his clothing lines to the market, Cole decided to start an accessory line under the now famous “Reaction” line. Kenneth’s company now has more than 90 retail stores worldwide and also sells in numerous catalogues and websites. Cole controls 45% of his company and almost all voting rights ensuring him stability both in profit and decision-making.
Kenneth met his future wife in 1986, her name was Maria Cuomo. They married just a year after they met. Nowadays they live in a 14.5 million dollar co-op in Sutton Place in New York City.
The famous designer is not only successful but also social cause oriented. Ever since 1985, he has been publicly supporting the AIDS research and awareness. Many claim he is the first in fashion history to do so. He often uses fashion ads to promote the social causes he fights for, from homelessness to AIDS. And he does it quite successfully up to this day.

Designs and logo of Kenneth Cole

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