Fashion Designer: Loris Azzaro

Loris Azzaro is a French fashion designer, born in an Italian family in Tunisia in 1933. Later, the family moved to France. Loris first graduated in Toulouse with a major in political science, after which he went to Paris to pursue his real passion-designing.

He established himself there and made the brave decision to open his own fashion house in 1962 in Paris. Like not many other, he was a success right from the beginning, making dresses that sold well. Six years after opening his fashion house, he was already well-known and his creations sold pretty well. The French elite adored him and were often spotted in his clothes; this inevitably drew a lot of media attention to him.

An interesting habit of Azzaro’s is naming his collection alphabetically and by the season. The first collection of the season would always start with an A, next a B word and so on. He would often skip letters like Q,X an Z however, since it’s a lot harder to find names starting with them.
Apart from designing clothes, Azzaro is well known for designing fragrances too. His first perfume was released in 1975 and it was called ‘Couture’, it quickly became his signature scent. Accessories are also a passion of Azzaro’s and a well-selling one at that.

Azzaro’s gowns are above all elegant, but also with a pinch of sexy. Even his old creations are still remembered and admired nowadays. There are some that can even be bought.

While working on a collection in 2003, Azzaro suddenly died at the age of 70. The company then went in the hands of his daughter- Beatrice. The designer that was hired after the tragic event was Vanessa Seward, an Argentinian designer with experience in the houses of Karl Lagerfeld and Chanel.

Photo Gallery (Designs and logo of Loris Azzaro)

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