Fashion Designer: Luis Vuitton

Luis Vuitton was born on the 4th of August 1821 in Jura, France. He is worldwide famous for his luggage company that is extremely popular to this day.

In 1835 young Vuitton moved to Paris to study the designer profession. He took the road on foot; it was 400 km from his home town to Paris. During his voyage he was hired on several odd jobs, one of which a clothes packer. It turned out he did a good job and after several years of reputation-building he was hired by Napoleon Iii himself as the layetier to his wife. This time of his life had taught him a lot of new things about design especially when it came to luggage. He had constant contact with French aristocracy and soon began to develop a sense of will be sold. He soon founded a company (in 1854), designing and producing luggage. He was the first to introduce flat-bottom trunks. Pretty soon many other companies started to copy his style, producing luggage that was not only good-looking but also comfortable.An answer to this was the change in the Trianon design, making it in beige and brown in 1876.Business was booming so Luis decided to spare some money and buy a place in the 1867 Exhibition in Paris. This made him even more popular, bringing new fans and more income than ever. Since its beginning the Luis Vuitton Company has been one of the most luxurious luggage companies and fashion brands.Luggage design was Vuitton’s occupation until he died on the 27the of February 1892.  After his death, the son of Luis-Georges took over the company. He brought new ideas to the company, making it grow even more. He was the person to invent the “LV” monogram, the five-combination lock and developing the so-called “designer label”.

After the death of Georges, came his son-Gaston-Louis. In 1997 Luis Vuitton entered the world of high fashion with Marc Jacobs as an artistic director.

Designs and logo of Luis Vuitton

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