Fashion Designer: Miuccia Prada

Miuccia Prada was born on the 10th of May, 1949 in Milan, Italy. Her full name is Marria Bianchi Prada and she has long been one of the queens of fashion with her top label- Prada. She inherited the fashion house from her parents and has turned it into a superpower in the fashion world, which to this day stands at the top by never seizing to intrigue and amaze. When choosing the themes, designs and colors for her new collection, Maria is said to rely primarily on her intuition. She uses different fabrics every time and likes to combine them in an unusual way.

After graduating, Maria Prada started studying Political Sciences and even obtained a PhD. Apart from her political studies, she enrolled in a theatre called “TeatroPiccolo” where she both studied and performed as a mime. Another vivid fact from her past is that she was a member of the Communist Party and a defender of women’s rights.

When Maria inherited the Prado brand from her late grandfather, she had a small company, specializing in leather goods. Maria and her husband however gave new life to the company by giving it a full makeover. Although she was educated in a completely different sphere, young Prada quickly picked up the know-how and soon introduced some unseen and revolutionary pieces of clothing.

In 1985 Prada achieved its first huge success by introducing its signature handbag. The delicate but sturdy creation drew a lot of attention and clients. The first RTW collection that followed in 1989 was a huge success also. With the creation of the MiuMiu brand in 1992 Prada further established itself in the fashion world. By the middle of the 90’s Maria Prada had done the unthinkable, she had created a new fashion giant from the wrecks of an old and degrading company.

The Prada lines as we know it nowadays, produces not only clothes for men and women, but also fragrances, shoe, bags, underwear, watches and wallets.

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