Fashion designer: Rocco Barocco

Rocco Barocco

The real name of Rocco Barocco is GennaroMuscariello, he is and Italian designer born in Naples in 1944. He changed his name for business purposes after stepping into the fashion industry. The father of Gennaro was form Naples and his mother from Pozzuoli. The famous designer was raised on the island of Ischia. As a young man he began working in a fashion boutique on the island and this was the start of his fashion career. He decided to further deepen his knowledge of fashion and design by attending the Accademiadelle Belle Arti in Rome and studying fine arts.

During the 60’s he began to work more seriously on his career and found a job in the atelier of Monsieur Giles. This and his experience as a sketch artist at De Barentzen from 1963 to 1965 gave him enough experience and made him crave for his own line.

In 1968 he teamed up with several other designers and founded an atelier that was supposed to produce designs under the Barocco name. However, the partnership didn’t last long, it was disbanded in 1974. But this failure didn’t stop Rocco, he made another try and this time a successful one. Since he was already somewhat popular with his avant-garde and enchanting designs he quickly gained international popularity.

Apart from the attention to the details and optical effects, Rocco Barocco tends to repeat his signature patterns throughout his designs, but certainly not in a boring and over-repetitive way. The designs of Rocco Barocco often include stripes, dots and spots. The fabrics he uses are mostly soft and sophisticated (satins, cashmeres, crepes), which gives a feeling of elegance no matter what the design is. Gold and glitter are also a big part of Barocco’s designs, as well as the asymmetrical, bold and bright.

Designs and logo of Rocco Barocco

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