Fashion designer: Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger is and American, he was born on the 24th of March 1951 and is the founder and owner of the brand named after him-Tommy Hilfiger. He is one of the most famous modern designers and has very popular lines of both clothing and perfumes for men and women.
The birthplace of Hilfiger is Elmira, New York. He was raised up in an Irish- American family and is said to be a direct descendant of the famous poet Robert Burns. Tommy’s parents once wanted him to be an engineer and so for some time he pursued this career. The name of young Hilfiger’s high school was ‘Elmira Free Academy’. After graduating he started working in a retail store (he was 18 then) and thus, defined his own path and a very different from engineering at that. His creativity was soon booming, he started buying jeans and bell-bottom pants from New York and remodeled them. Then, he sold his creations at a downtown Elmira store called ‘Brown’s’. These were the first steps the aspiring designer made and which led him slowly to success.
After gaining some experience Tommy Hilfiger decided to open his own store in downtown Elmira. He named it ‘The People’s Place’. Unfortunately, after 7 years of being in the business, the store went bankrupt. Hilfiger was 25 at the time.
But it was far from over for Tommy. Later on he obtained more shops, this time in New York. Although for some time he was broke, he had the guts to turn down job offers from Calvin Klein and Perry Ellis.
His big breakthrough came in 1984 when he founded the Tommy Hilfiger Corporation in assistance with The Murjani Group. Twenty years later the company was flourishing and awards started raining. But every story has and end and so did this one. In 2006, due to declining sales, Tommy sold his company and it was later (in 2010 to be exact) bought by the owner of Calvin Klein.

Designs and logo of Tommy Hilfiger

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